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There might not be a cure for the summertime blues, but there are ways to help stave off slacking and low morale among employees in those potentially lazy, hazy crazy days of summer.  It’s the time of year most people dream about -- long days, warm temperatures, patios and picnics and picturesque times of leisure. But when you have to work, how do you maintain momentum and ambition? How do you keep your team focused when you’d all rather be somewhere else?  It’s not impossible. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

A company is only as successful as its employees. A good manager knows this and wants to do all he or she can to make sure their team feels appreciated and valued.  The good news is, appreciating your employees doesn't necessarily mean having to shell out bags of cash in the process.  Here are some ideas on how to thank your employees without wrecking the bottom line: