Staying Productive at Work During the Summer

Staying Productive at Work During the Summer

Who doesn’t love summertime? Nice weather, picnics and patios, long days and beautiful sunsets and so many fun things to do with friends after the workday ends. 

But that’s the issue faced by many managers: How do you keep your focus sharply fixed on the task at hand and not lose track of projects at work when there are so many fun distractions to consider? 

Here are some tips on how to keep your productivity in place during those lovely summer months: 

Prioritize and schedule your day accordingly

Get the big things out of the way early. The most pressing tasks, the most burdensome assignments, the biggest hurdles: If you address them early and make progress when your brain is still sharp and your attention span slightly longer, you’re more likely to accomplish the really important things before getting distracted by that glowing orb in the sky. Most people have more energy in the morning than in the afternoon, so it will probably be the most productive time of the day, however, you spend it. Try to jump in with both feet and get to work right away: You’ll make sure to hit all your targets and make your team leader happy, so if you lose a little focus in the afternoon, it won’t lead to too much lost time. 

Utilize technology when possible

Do you make to-do lists to keep your priorities in line? Try an app! There’s something very satisfying and motivating, about crossing items off the list once they’re completed, or watching your list get smaller as tasks are deleted. Are you distracted by non-work-related websites? Use browser settings and parental control tools to restrict your access to social media or other non-essential sites while you’re at work to eliminate the temptation. If you have the option for remote work (maybe on a patio?), give that a try, but remember, you’ll have to stay on task and accountable. 

Keep your cool, literally and figuratively 

It’s an age-old battle in most offices: Some people are bound to be too warm, while others are too cold, even in the hottest part of the summer. There might not be much you can do about the thermostat settings, but you can try and keep yourself comfortable. If you tend to run too hot, bring in a small personal fan and keep it on your desk, pointed directly at you. Drink plenty of water, with ice, to keep cool. If you’re always cold, make sure to keep a light sweater handy, along with a blanket just in case the AC is cranked too high. Fluctuating temperatures can be distracting and can really hamper productivity.

Take a break 

Sometimes the best way to silence temptation is to give in a little. Take a walk on your lunch break to get some sun. Walk past a window on the way to the water cooler and stare outside for a few minutes. Or, if you’ve got vacation time to use, take it! A day or two to refresh, recharge, and relax can make a world of difference. If you can’t take the time, be sure to make the most of your weekends and evenings and get outside as much as possible when you have free time. Summer never lasts as long as we’d like. 

Use the time to set new goals

If work gets a little slower during the summer months, use the time to take a look at your progress during the year and see where you want to go. Try to book some time with your manager or team leader and see if there are any areas of improvement you can work on, or come up with a list of goals and targets and discuss how they can be reached. It could end up being a very productive conversation — plus, it’ll underscore your commitment to the job and your personal development. 

Summertime used to mean months of endless free time and days spent with your best friends doing nothing but having fun and going on vacations. Things have changed, but there’s still plenty of opportunities to get work done and enjoy yourself, even if you have to spend parts of the summer inside. 

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