Five Ways You Can Make the Most of Employment Staffing Agencies

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Five Ways You Can Make the Most of Employment Staffing Agencies

employment staffing agencies, placement agency, staffing agencyWhen you use employment staffing agencies to your advantage, you can find some potentially great career opportunities. Whether you’re looking for your first job, second job or just want to switch careers completely, a placement agency may be your best route to take. Employment agencies often will have information about jobs you can’t find online or anywhere else, so the opportunities are much greater. Here are five ways you can utilize employment agencies to your advantage.

1. Present Yourself Appropriately

The best employment staffing agencies will call you in for an interview once they’ve reviewed your resume. Take the interview seriously and act like it’s an actual job interview. It’s important to remember a staffing agency doesn’t get paid unless they find you a job, in most cases. So if you don’t appear to be a good candidate, then they may not waste their time with you.

2. Try Using Only One Staffing Agency

It’s okay to submit your resume to more than one, but is really not recommended. But if you do use more than one placement agency, be sure to let each one know. The agency typically won’t ask any questions or make you feel uncomfortable, and it may make them work even harder for you since they want to be the company to find a job for you.

3. Take Their Advice Regarding Your Resume

Some employment staffing agencies will provide you with great feedback on your resume or cover letter. Take this advice seriously, since they know exactly what employers are looking for. Just a simple tweak here or there on your resume could make a big difference.

4. Keep Communication Lines Open

Always be in communication with your staffing agency, but don’t go overboard. The agency may need to ask you some specific questions at different times, so it’s important to be available to them. Likewise, you should work with an agency you can trust to pick up the phone every time you need to call them for something.

5. Treat an Employment Agency Like an Employer

If you treat the placement agency you work with like an employer, you’ll come off as more impressive to them. Remember the employment agency can only tell a potential employer what they know about you, so if you treat them like you would an employer, you should only have good things said about you.

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