Administrative Workforce Trends: Adapting to Changing Staffing Needs in San Antonio, TX 

Administrative Workforce Trends: Adapting to Changing Staffing Needs in San Antonio, TX 

The Texas workforce is changing across the board: employees want different things, have different priorities and want to earn a paycheck that reflects their individual value to their employer. 

As a manager, it might be difficult to predict what the future might hold when it comes to the administrative workforce you’re hiring today and will be looking to bring into your company tomorrow. 

Here are a few trends to keep in mind as the workforce evolves in San Antonio and beyond. 


  • The desire for remote will not fade. Before the pandemic, having a remote job, or a hybrid one in which employees split their time between the office and an offsite location, was something only a few companies would consider. But things have changed and many employees, at all levels and stages of their career, liked the option of working at home. It builds in flexibility for their personal responsibilities and many find the time freed up by not having to commute helps them be more productive. Expect job candidates to ask about your remote or hybrid working options and be prepared to explain your position. Keep in mind there’s still a gap in finding a middle ground on this topic: While 87% of employees prioritize flexible working arrangements when it comes to where they work, about 50% of companies will still require their employees to be in the office every day, especially in administrative roles. 
  • Economic uncertainty might slow hiring demands. Depending on how your company is situated currently, and projecting out into the first quarter of 2024, there might be an impending hiring freeze or pause as the year-end books are finalized and budgets are set for the year ahead. This might mean having to put a pause on bringing in new administrative employees, which could lead to a pinch and extra pressure on existing employees. If your company is feeling the strain of being short staffed but there isn’t room in the budget right now for adding to the team, consider bringing on temporary employees — LeadingEdge Personnel can help you find qualified candidates in a flash! 
  • Procurement hiring is expected to remain strong in 2024. While other aspects of hiring might slow or become stagnant, procurement hiring is looking to expand and stay healthy next year, reaching pre-pandemic levels. This is a credit to the skill levels of employees in the field as much as it is the confidence level that a company will be in a position to grow and will need processes in place to prices for purchasing items or placing bids are of fair market value and beneficial to the company’s bottom line. Skilled procurement administrators help ensure a company makes purchases in keeping with a strategic plan and addresses any lingering supply chain constraints, keeping projects on time and on budget at a time when both factors might be in flux. 
  • There’s a mixed future for marketing. On the one hand, there’s a growing demand for marketing specialists as digital marketing continues to be the trend in fast and effective ways for companies to share their messages and products. However, given that the economy is still working to find more solid footing, some companies might be wary of adding to their marketing team or spending as much on ads at all in case purchasing power dries up or prices get too high. 
  • Temporary and seasonal workers might be in higher demand. As companies get busy, they might be torn between wanting to bring on additional staff but feeling uncertain about the costs involved with a new salary and all the affiliated costs of interviewing, onboarding and training. Temporary and seasonal employees might become a go-to option, as it allows companies to get the help they need during busy stretches without having to invest in an employee who will only be needed for the short term; the other benefit is that should the economy strength and profits increase to the point where hiring another employee is feasible, managers will already have trained job candidates who are familiar with their company ready to join full-time. 
  • Employees aren’t just looking for a paycheck. Yes, employees want a job that can help them pay their bills. But that isn’t all anymore: Times have changed and job candidates will want to know how they’ll be supported in their careers and personal lives. Expect candidates to ask about work-life balance, company culture, flexible scheduling (in addition to remote or hybrid working options), opportunities for learning new skills or mentorship programs that will allow them to expand their skill sets to give them career stability. Don’t be surprised if, during salary negotiations, job candidates bring with them comparisons on what other people in the same position are earning from competing companies in the same industry because they’re doing their homework to make sure their compensation reflects their worth. 

While no one has a foolproof crystal ball, it’s not surprising to expect many companies to hold their spending levels flat going into the early part of 2024 until the economy stabilizes and any end-of-year uncertainty subsides. But companies will always need good, solid, reliable employees — that never changes! 

If you’re looking to add to your team, or if you’d like to talk through your company’s hiring practices in order to be better prepared for the year ahead, call LeadingEdge Personnel. Our recruiters and experts are ready to help you meet all your company’s needs and are happy to share their advice for how to move forward in confidence. Call LeadingEdge today and make 2024 your company’s most successful year yet.

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