7 Essential Work Skills To Ensure Career Success in 2022

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7 Essential Work Skills To Ensure Career Success in 2022

Now’s a great time to look at your resume, think about your current job, and set yourself up for success in the new year, even if that means looking for a new job. 

It can be challenging to know, with any degree of certainty, whether you have the skills employers are looking for or the right kind of training and background to land the job of your dreams. 

Here are seven skills that can help you get ahead and find success in 2022: 

1. Decision-making skills.

What do you do when presented with a series of options, all of which are fine, but you need to pick an option? The ability to make decisions quickly and with confidence is very attractive to employers. They want someone who can weigh options, consider the strengths of each and move with confidence in the direction of their choosing. 

2. Stress management.

Who hasn’t had their shoulders up to their ears from stress in the past 18-24 months? Being able to handle stress, adapt to tense situations and keep their cool under pressure is a big win for employers. You’ll be seen as someone who is reliable and level-headed, someone who can take everything in stride, and who will be a rock under pressure. 

3. Creativity and innovation.

When you look at a creative toy, like bricks or clay, do you have dozens of ideas on working with the raw materials to make something new? Someone creative can approach a problem with a different viewpoint, see opportunities in challenges, and get excited about finding new ways to address old issues. Someone unafraid to try new things and learn from them is a great asset to their team. 

4. Problem-solving.

Are you able to take a big task and break it down into smaller, manageable parts? Do you like the challenge of being told something is impossible, but you need to get it done anyway? Problem-solving skills go hand-in-hand with creativity: it’s about being open to trying new things or expanding the traditional way of approaching a topic and being willing to do something a different way if it results in a positive outcome. It also includes a willingness to listen to new ideas and give things a try to see what happens. 

5. Data and IT security.

How many people do you know who have been victims of a phishing scam or some identity theft? Companies are on high alert about security breaches and are looking for ways to protect their private data, along with their clients’ and customers’ information. If you’re tech-savvy and can show management new ways to improve security, you’ll stand out among job candidates. 

6. Remote working skills.

We’re all tired of Zoom calls. But the ability to work remotely also shows a kind of flexibility and adaptability that speaks well of your willingness to find ways to cope with changing situations. It also suggests the ability to self-manage and stays motivated even without someone over your shoulder, a kind of independence that managers like to see when they’re juggling multiple projects at once. 

7. Communication skills.

Strong communicators are vital in busy offices. Someone who can quickly and accurately relay important information by email, phone, or text message is someone who becomes integral to a team’s success. Sharing instructions, clearly explaining priorities and objectives, and keeping everyone on the same page is important to running projects smoothly. 

Employers are looking for job candidates with a number of skills, and different ones at that, but having strength in these abilities can help you stand out among job candidates. 

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