5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Job in Austin

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5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Job in Austin

Pop quiz for our friends in Austin: When the alarm goes off in the morning, how do you feel? 

Regardless of how much sleep you were able to get, are you excited for the day ahead? Do you have lots of energy and enthusiasm to bring to work? Or do you hit the snooze button over and over, dreading the thought of going in for yet another day at a job you dread? 

If you open your eyes and start counting the hours until you come home, it might be time to consider a new job in Austin. 

Here are five other indications that it’s time to get the resume ready and start looking for new opportunities. 

1. You cringe at the thought of water-cooler conversation.

If you find yourself shying away from office chatter, looking for the quickest and easiest way out of group activities or meetings, and can’t wait to have some peace and quiet away from everyone on your team, that’s an indication that you’re starting to feel a little boxed in by your current environment. This can lead to a noted change in attitude and a generally negative outlook toward those around you and it could mean it’s time to find a new job in Austin.

2. There’s no fire anymore.

Do you find yourself looking back on better days when you were excited to come to work? Or maybe you had projects you were enthusiastic about or eager to contribute to. Have you lost your passion for your job (if you ever had it to begin with)? People who no longer take a vested interest in their work often start to daydream and put less effort into what they’re working on, hurting their productivity and leading to making avoidable mistakes. If you no longer feel challenged or like there’s anything new to learn, maybe it’s time for a new job in Austin.

3. You find yourself hoping for an exit.

Maybe it’s not really obvious to anyone else, but you start daydreaming about being laid off or let go due to some reason or another. Maybe there’s a client unhappy with how a current project is going — do you start to hope that maybe they’ll pull out and the company won’t be able to keep you on the payroll? Wishing to be fired or otherwise removed from your position is a pretty clear sign you’re looking for the exit, you just want some help getting there. 

4. Everything’s annoying.  

What’s your attitude like at home compared to at work? If you’re sunshine and positivity and a calm, cool, and collected person in your off-hours but stressed out and negative while on the clock, that’s a good indicator that your life is being pulled in different directions. You’re no longer present and working toward a goal while in the office. 

5. Job boards are your most visited websites.

This one is pretty obvious: Do you use an incognito browser at work to review your resume and look to see what other positions are available in your field? If you’re looking for the door, for the next opportunity, or just for greener pastures, it’s time to move on. 

People leave jobs for all kinds of reasons: They want more money, more flexibility, better benefits, new challenges, or even just a break from the routine and the same four walls. 

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