Make Company Culture a Priority in 2024 With These 3 Tips

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Make Company Culture a Priority in 2024 With These 3 Tips

How strong is your company culture? 

Before answering that question, ask yourself this: Does your team get along because they have to, or because they genuinely like each other? Is there a baseline of respect that’s expected across your team? Do your employees support each other? 

Company culture isn’t just the emotional environment in which your employees work; it’s the way in which they interact with each other and you, in addition to cues from leadership as to how everyone is expected to treat each other. By establishing a shared set of values, attitudes and goals, you’re creating an environment in which the team is greater than the sum of its parts and where everyone feels supported, able to ask for help when needed, and successes are celebrated on both a group and individual level. 


Here are three ways to prioritize a strong, healthy corporate culture within your office. 

  • Establish shared values. What brings your team together? What common goals do they share? What does your company prioritize? What kind of reputation do you want your company to have? All of these questions can help contribute to the establishment of values that bring people together in pursuit of shared success. If you’re looking to increase your company’s standing in diverse communities, one shared goal might be to better reflect the communities in which you work, bringing on people from different backgrounds and establishing that your company embraces diversity. If your company has a focus on healthcare in any way, strengthening your employee wellness offerings is a great way to make the company’s larger goal more meaningful to your team. 
  • Build trust and improve communication. A lack of trust, combined with feeling like concerns will not be heard or taken seriously by management, will go a long way toward fracturing a company’s culture. If you don’t already have a strong feedback policy in which you’re actively asking your employees for their opinions and input on company practices and policies, now’s the time to start. Having the ability to discuss concerns, problems or even aspirations and new ideas with leadership can really help boost morale and trust in management. Allowing and encouraging employees to offer you feedback on any topic they feel is important helps show you want your team to be invested in their workplace and that you have respect for their thoughts. 
  • Encourage career development. We all know that it’s rare for someone to spend their entire career with a single employer these days. But not everyone who wants to improve their skills is looking to leave right away either. Not only that, but offering and encouraging your employees to build their skills and expand their talents can help reduce turnover rates among employees who are looking for a new challenge but aren’t quite ready to leave your company. Allowing them to sharpen their existing abilities while learning new ones is a great way to show support for your employees as individual workers while adding to the skills your team has to work with. It’s a win-win situation! 


The best company cultures are ones in which employees feel supported, encouraged to speak up with their ideas and concerns, and differences are celebrated and welcomed. This is how teams — real teams, in which everyone has each other’s back and works together toward a common goal — are built! 

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