6 Incentives You Should Consider Offering to Attract Top Talent

attract top talent

6 Incentives You Should Consider Offering to Attract Top Talent

When a company is looking to hire for new positions or to fill vacancies, it’s an exciting time to bring in new ideas and new skills while maybe snagging some candidates away from competitors. 

But everyone wants to land the top talent. Every company is going to do what it can to attract the most promising candidates. How can your company stand out from the crowd? 

Here are six incentives your company should consider offering to secure new candidates — and make your competitors jealous. 

1. Health benefits.

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s not: Companies who help cover a significant portion, or all, of an employee’s insurance premium, are sending a clear message. The employee gets to keep more of their salary and the company gets to be proactive and demonstrate, in a real and tangible way, that their employees and their wellbeing, matter. Incorporating healthy policies, like a lunchtime walking club or encouraging people to take mental health days if they’re feeling burned out, can reinforce this concept. 

2. Career advancement opportunities.

Employees who feel their skills are going to waste will become bored and complacent, which can create a problem on their team. But if people feel their talents are being utilized, and they’re encouraged to keep honing their skills, that shows that a company wants the person to do well and have a good career. Embracing a “promote from within” strategy benefits the company and the employee: Investing in employees and their careers shows that the person is valued and that their success matters. People who know they can level up and take on new titles — and be rewarded and recognized for their hard work — feel incentivized. 

3. Get creative with time off.

Most companies will offer a pretty standard PTO package to employees when they come onboard. But in our post-COVID world, just offering a few weeks might not be enough. Can you incorporate an unlimited PTO policy, in which people can take the time they need, when they need it, so long as they’re on top of their projects? This helps fight burnout and encourages people to care for themselves and get the breaks they need, which boosts productivity and keeps their minds sharp. 

4. Get creative with the workday.

The days of the traditional 9-5 or 8-4, Monday through Friday, working together in a single location, are fading. Another change that can be linked back to the pandemic, more companies are finding their employees can be just as productive working at home or remotely without missing a beat. If someone has a child or older relative that needs care, offering a flexible workday to accommodate that very important personal responsibility can also be very attractive. 

5. Ownership opportunities.

If your company has a way to allow employees to “buy-in,” they can become more invested, literally and figuratively, in the company’s overall success. When people feel a personal stake in something, they’re willing and interested in working harder to secure their own gains. This could also take the form of having their name included in any legacy projects, on patents, or other important developments, which can boost their own pride and grant a feeling of ownership and success. 

6. Promote an office culture that values people and lives those values.

If a person feels that they are respected and valued for who they are, regardless of their job and their title, by the company they work for, they’re less likely to be interested in looking for another job. Spelling out what your company values — volunteer opportunities, commitment to outreach, honoring diversity, celebrating victories of all sizes, working hard together as a team for a shared goal, etc. — can help a candidate feel welcomed and at home before they’ve set foot in the door on their first day. 

Paying someone well for their work is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to attracting top talent today. Be creative, be holistic and be ready to market these incentives when you’re looking to fill a position. 

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