How to Use Your Administrative Job As a Springboard To a New Career in Texas

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How to Use Your Administrative Job As a Springboard To a New Career in Texas

Administrative assistant jobs can be great steppingstones to a rewarding new career. You will learn a number of transferable skills while working as an admin, but it is often challenging for admins to pursue higher-level work. That is where staffing agencies and professional recruiters can come in handy.

Recruiters can assist you with polishing your resume and pinpointing jobs that will utilize your skills and experience. Beyond that, they can also help you come up with a plan to reach your long-term career goals. Keep reading to learn more about how recruiters in Texas can help you find your next admin job.

Why Is An Administrative Job A Good Springboard?

Any administrative job can lead to higher-level job opportunities at top companies in Texas. This is because so many of the skills necessary to thrive as an admin are useful in other positions and industries. These can include skills like punctuality, enthusiasm, and self-motivation. Because so many skills needed to be an admin are transferable, it makes it a great springboard for more possibilities throughout your career.

It takes time to recognize your natural abilities and skills that can transfer to the next job. Once you determine what you bring to the table, a whole world of opportunities can be opened up to you through your administrative job. Below are several of the best skills most admins have that can be transferred to your next job.

Organizational Skills

People working as administrative assistants are known for their top-notch organizational skills. This skill can come in handy in most other jobs as well. If you are well organized, your work will be on time, and you will be productive.

Communication Skills

Many admins find they make a connection with everyone they meet. As the administrative assistant in the office, you often become the person to contact for support on various issues. This means you have to have excellent communication skills, something that is needed in every job.


Multitasking is another skill admins must possess to be successful in the field. There are a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak. Admins have to be able to manage multiple projects, handle various communications, and meet more than one deadline at a time. Being able to multitask is something that is beneficial in every job you’ll work.

Working With Multiple Departments

As mentioned above, you become the contact person for support on a lot of different things in the office as an administrative professional. This means you work with multiple departments across the company at one time. You will have to have some knowledge of what each department does, its processes, and how to address common problems.

Basic Computer Abilities

Admins have to have some kind of basic computer skills to pursue a long-term career. You will need to know how to work with Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, and other common computer programs. Administrative assistants will also need to know how to operate internal communications platforms and virtual calendars for the company.

Mathematical Skills

In addition to some software and computer skills, most administrative jobs require some basic math skills as well. Oftentimes, admins are put in charge of processing expense reports, constructing spreadsheets, and checking the math on important items. Because of this, you need to know your way around a calculator and be able to do quick math when needed.

Identify Your New Target Job

After identifying what your transferable skills are, pinpoint what your new job would be. Think about what your best skills and attributes are as an employee. You will want to utilize these in your next job. Listing out the skills you bring to the table can help you target what industry, job title, and even company you should pursue work with.

You can also determine what industry or what jobs might be of interest to you by taking on temporary or contract jobs. Recruiters at staffing firms in Texas can help you find positions that meet your career goals and match your skills and previous experience. Temporary or temp-to-hire jobs can help you get a feel for the work, industry, and employer. Then you can decide whether or not this is the right career move for you.

Highlight Transferable Skills On Your Resume

To obtain a job in a new field or industry, you have to highlight your transferable admin skills. As you prepare your resume for your target job, rework the design and layout so that it brings attention to your top talents. If you want to pursue a managerial role, for example, you would want to highlight your leadership skills. You may also need to have experience with report writing, office management, and public speaking. Making those things easy to pick off of your resume will make it more likely that you will get an interview.

Make a Plan To Close Skill Gaps

If there are any skill gaps that you have discovered while you prepare your hiring materials, create a plan to close the gaps. Some people choose to go back to school or take a series of classes. Other job seekers go through less traditional avenues to improve the skills they bring to their search for a new career. There are a number of ways you can improve your skillset to land your dream job; here are a few.

Take on a Temporary Job

First, you can take on a temporary or temp-to-hire job. Temporary work was briefly discussed above. It is a great opportunity to network, but it is also another great way to build new skills. You will continue to learn about your target job and what it takes to be successful in the role. By working a temporary job with an employer in Texas, you will also be adding valuable experience to your resume that makes you more marketable.

Volunteer in the Industry

Another great way to close skill gaps is to volunteer within the industry you want to work in. Volunteering can provide you with grassroots experience and help you learn the skills necessary to perform the work. You will also further expand your professional network by volunteering within the field you are interested in.

Take an Online Class

Online courses are plentiful these days. You can take an online class for just about anything, including job-related topics. Administrative assistants can benefit from taking classes that help improve their already existing skills. Taking classes can also help teach you specific soft skills like leadership or technical skills like word document processing.

Work Your Network

When it comes to pursuing a career change or a new job title, it is a good idea to tap into your professional network too. Let other people know that you are looking for work or you have a desire for a promotion. Be specific about what your career goals are and the type of job you are looking for when you interact with your network connections.

Discussing your plans for the future of your career can lead your higher-level connections to put in a good word for you. Your network can make a huge difference in your search for your next career move.

Another great way to work your network to make a career change is by looking for a problem to solve. Admins are great problem solvers. Chances are, someone in your network needs help fixing something. By taking on the project and helping them, they will be more likely to recommend you to other colleagues. They will also remember how you were able to pull them out of a rut, which always helps your networking efforts.

Partner With A Recruiter in Texas to Find A New Career

As you are preparing to use your administrative career as a springboard to launch you into the next opportunity, partnering with a recruiter can be extremely beneficial too. Instead of depending on job boards and online listings, your recruiter will put you in direct contact with employers looking for candidates like you.

Your recruiter will also help you polish your resume and other hiring materials before sending them to potential employers. If there are skills or experience you are lacking to obtain the job you are targeting, they will help you find courses or opportunities to fill the gaps. If you are changing industries, they will also provide you with in-depth information about the sector, trends, and individual employers.

When it comes time to schedule an interview, your recruiter will help you prepare for that too. Because they have had a long-standing relationship with the employer, they know what you can expect in your interview. They can go over preparation questions, discuss the company culture, and give you a summary of who will attend your interview.

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