How Speed is Essential to Your New Recruitment Plan

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How Speed is Essential to Your New Recruitment Plan

The job market is in an odd situation right now: Unemployment numbers are the highest they’ve been in quite some time, but as more companies restart operations, qualified candidates are going to start getting snapped up quickly. 

When it comes to recruiting, speed is the best tool and greatest asset when finding and securing top talent. 

Here’s how you can successfully speed up your recruitment and secure the right people for your company: 

Focus on the key tasks.

Sort resumes and applications by people whose work experience most closely matches the position available. Instead of looking for a comparable experience that can be translated, look for someone who’s done the job before in a different place. This will make for an easier transition and a shorter learning curve. Winnowing the resume stack early with this in mind will streamline the process. 

Go straight to video.

In-person interviews aren’t an option right now. Instead of going through a phone interview process before inviting someone to a video call, start with the video discussion. You’ll get a quicker and more accurate read on body language and a sense of whether the person can speak confidently and intelligently about their experiences and how they apply to this role. It’ll save time on the HR side as well as for the candidate. 

Utilize online tools.

Some recruiting and hiring agencies are offering online skills assessments to help separate qualified, trained candidates from those lacking crucial knowledge. Incorporate these tools into the interview process and find the candidates that not only fit the job description but have the capabilities needed. 

Understand everyone else is in the same situation.

Companies that are looking to refill positions now are all clamoring for the best candidates. Moving quickly and with purpose when interviewing and screening candidates means your company can negotiate faster and make offers more quickly, preserving good candidates before competitors have the chance to scoop them up. 

Better reviews can attract more qualified candidates in the future.

Ask anyone who waited months between their initial interview and receiving a job offer: the longer it takes, the less glowing a review someone might give. People have a lot riding on the interview process, and candidates who aren’t happy with the process tell their friends or share their complaints on social media. But those who are happy with the process are equally capable and likely to sing your company’s praises for an expedient procedure. No one likes to be kept waiting longer than necessary. 

Slowly but surely, the world will start to reopen, and positions that were cut due to COVID-19 will become available again. Make sure your company is ready to find the best and most qualified candidates in the talent pool and to secure their employment when the time comes. 

Find the Right Candidates

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