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Temp Agency Recruitment: Finding the Right Candidates 

temp agency, placement agenciesJob placement agencies have two streams of clients that must remain steady: the employers and job seekers. Many agencies have contracts with employers that keep them coming back for more each month. However, your staffing levels might change through the seasons. Recruiting fresh and talented faces for your clients is the only way to support the Texas business sector. Learn how temp agency recruitment works so that candidates can be first in line for those lucrative positions.

job placement agenciesJob seekers have often been wary about partnering with job placement agencies in the Austin area because they're not familiar with the agencies' internal operations. As a result, applicants continue to float from interview-to-interview with few solid prospects in sight. From Austin to Miami, there are many different agencies that can help almost any applicant. Take a close look at these five common myths associated with the basic temp agency, and applicants will feel better about trying one of these employment outlets.