Temp Agency Recruitment: Finding the Right Candidates

Temp Agency Recruitment: Finding the Right Candidates

Temp Agency Recruitment: Finding the Right Candidates 

temp agency, placement agenciesJob placement agencies have two streams of clients that must remain steady: the employers and job seekers. Many agencies have contracts with employers that keep them coming back for more each month. However, your staffing levels might change through the seasons. Recruiting fresh and talented faces for your clients is the only way to support the Texas business sector. Learn how temp agency recruitment works so that candidates can be first in line for those lucrative positions.

Walking the Job-Fair Circuit

An old-fashioned way to find fresh faces is through local, job fairs. Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding cities still hold these gatherings throughout the year. Job seekers attend these fairs because many opportunities are available. Temp agency professionals typically walk around or set up a booth in order to attract job seekers. There’s a lot of misunderstanding in the industry when it comes to temp staffing companies. When prospective recruits understand how temporary work agencies function, they’re more likely to accept an offer.

Heading to College Career Fairstemp agency, job placement agencies

College campuses are full of prospective workers. Everyone has certain skills that benefit the business world. Job placement agencies aren’t always looking for clerical or construction workers. There are countless jobs that require either blue-collar or white-collar skills. College campuses are a perfect place for both agencies and new recruits.

You may not know what you want to do after college. With a degree in your hand, you still want to experience different industries. Agencies make this scenario possible. College graduates have the discipline necessary to work in nearly any industry. They’ll eventually find their perfect match.

Engaging People Through Temp Agency Blog Excitement

Recruiting job seekers to these agencies takes some creativity. Most agencies have a blog that attracts both clients and job seekers. The trick is to create a blog that’s interesting enough to hold people’s attention. Agents might add insider information to their posts while sharing the blog on multiple, digital platforms. The purpose of the blog is to share information and to convert readers into active participants. Knowing more about the agency world may translate into new recruits for interested clients.

Connecting Through Social Media

If you compare every communication pathway, social media is the most influential. Job seekers who’re curious about agencies will typically start with a social-media follow. There’s no major commitment. They’re allowed to sit out on the sidelines until they feel ready to participate. Agencies thrive through social media because it’s open to a huge pool of candidates. When a client reaches out with a specific request, social-media outlets become informational hubs. Asking for candidates with certain backgrounds can turn up successful results with just one post. Recruiting on this platform is the wave of the future.

Gaining Ground Through Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still a viable pathway for agency recruitment. Agents, clients, and current workers have their own networking contacts. When everyone talks about their respective industries, suggestions and ideas come to mind. People who’re friends with agency workers might be perfect additions to the industry. They simply need the opportunity to be seen and heard. Fascinating jobs and the right people to fill them are still found through word of mouth.

Texas cities, including Austin and San Antonio, continue to grow with remarkable speed. LeadingEdge Personnel is a top, temp agency that can help both businesses and job seekers with their career goals. Be part of a talented group that only improves your prospects and introduces you to a new world of industries. Working with job placement agencies expands your view of the business world with each temp position.

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