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Keep Your Skills Sharp During Unemployment

Unemployment can be a tough time in your professional life. Whether it’s because of a company restructure, for cause or because of resignation, unemployment is flat out tough. Not only is loss of employment emotionally taxing Being unemployed can leave you worrying about how to avoid gaps in employment on your resume.While unemployment is stressful, there are some ways you can continue to grow your skill set outside of a traditional work arrangement. 

Why Did You Leave a Previous Employer: Tips on Answering This Question

If you have any professional experience, there's a good chance you left an employer at some point. Sometimes a separation happens voluntarily. Sometimes it's not so simple. It's no wonder that one of the trickiest interview questions to answer is "Why did you leave your position at...?". It's hard to think back on when we left employers or were separated. But, it's necessary to know how to answer this question for any interview process. The why did you leave question doesn't have to be awkward or difficult to answer. If you understand it and follow a couple of general conventions, this question is easily answered.

Greatest Weakness: Tips on Answering This Question

We all have them: weaknesses. It's no wonder that one of the hardest interview questions to answer is "What is your greatest weakness?". While we’re not fond of thinking about our weaknesses, taking a personal inventory is a critical first step in any job search. The biggest weakness question doesn’t have to be a barrier to your dream job- as long as you know how to answer this question correctly.It’s never easy to discuss our flaws. The job search process can feel like such a vulnerable time too! Sometimes this question can feel like a trap but it and prove an excellent way to show your ability to be honest and grow. There’s much to be learned about a candidate by their answer to this question. So, don’t be offended or afraid to tackle this topic head-on. Let’s dig in and strategize on best practices for answering: “what’s your biggest weakness?”

Austin employment servicesWhen you’re facing financial hardship in today’s difficult economy, whether by being laid off or for another reason, the job search can be discouraging. Fortunately, numerous Austin employment services offer an easy solution to get you back to work before your situation worsens. The following are three reasons temporary work can be the ideal solution to financially-stressed job seekers in Austin.