Build High-Performing Teams by Hiring, Empowering, and Developing Employees

high performing teams

Build High-Performing Teams by Hiring, Empowering, and Developing Employees

Every hiring manager and boss wants to build a team of all-stars, high-performing and talented individuals who are all wonderful on their own but combine to become something even greater. 

There’s more to meets the eye when it comes to creating a high-performing team: It takes some luck, lots of preparation, and the willingness to set aside time for training and development in order for the team to gel and reach their full potential. 

Here are some tips on building a top-tier team and ways to ensure their success through empowering and developing employees. 

Start with good communication skills.

Prioritizing strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills in the hiring process can help build a team that can clearly and efficiently talk to each other in any number of ways. This will help in conflict resolution situations as well as keeping everyone on the same page as projects move forward. A team that communicates well together moves and works as a more cohesive unit. 

Set goals early and provide frequent updates.

Once a project has been announced, set a series of goals and deadlines and then provide benchmarking reports to keep everyone in the loop. This helps increase buy-in and ownership among your employees and is a reminder that everyone’s working toward the same goals. If each little goal is understood, clearly defined, and, later, acknowledged upon completion, it’ll help develop camaraderie and a desire to not disappoint their colleagues. 

Empower teams by instilling trust, letting them lead the way.

Teams that feel they are trusted to try new ways of doing things will feel validated, secure, and trusted, instead of micromanaged and second-guessed at every turn. When a person knows their colleagues have their back and will support them in taking new approaches, it builds trust within the group and boosts the confidence of people who might not otherwise bring up new ideas. Confidence breeds confidence! Knowing creative thinking is encouraged and welcome will help spur different ways of thinking and creative problem-solving approaches. 

Encourage mentorship.

If your all-star crew is comprised mostly of younger, hungry workers, pair them with some of your senior staff. The exchange of ideas and sharing of institutional information can help younger workers navigate the professional world while re-energizing people who have been around for a while. Learning the ropes of the working world can be tricky and a little intimidating; expanding an employee or team’s support group to include some experienced workers can help everyone do more. 

Provide training opportunities.

Younger workers don’t want their skills to go stale. They want, and look for, ways to stay sharp and up-to-date. Keeping that in mind, and finding ways to offer educational and training opportunities that are pertinent to their field and their positions is not only a great way to stay ahead of the curve, it shows that the company is willing to invest in the young core of the team. This can also help with employee retention, as workers who want to learn but can’t do so in their current position are likely to look elsewhere to have their career needs to be met. 

The best teams find ways to amplify and draw out the strengths of each member, using those talents to exceed all expectations. Plant these seeds and watch them grow! 

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