8 Ways to Build and Sustain a High Performance Work Team

8 Ways to Build and Sustain a High Performance Work Team

A team that gets along is great. You want the people you hire and selected to work together to have a good camaraderie. But what’s even better is when each member brings characteristics that help build a strong, high-performing team, in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

But how do you create a high-performance work team? What qualities are you looking for and how do you nurture the bonds needed to help everyone achieve more together? 

Here are eight ways to make magic happen. 

A shared vision and shared goals.

This is pretty simple and straightforward: If everyone is working toward the same thing, and trying to accomplish the same result, the members of the team are unified in what they’re working toward. That keeps everyone on the same page. Think of the two teams in a tug-of-war game: they are working together and focused on getting the flag to their side of the field, everyone pulling together as hard as they can in order to win. Everyone knows their job and what needs to be done. 

A unified sense of place and purpose.

When people understand their role on the team, and their team’s role in the overall organization, everyone has a sense of both belonging and ownership. 

Strong communication.

The ability to speak and share ideas quickly, clearly and easily can help adjust and correct any confusion or questions while keeping the project moving forward. Communication is as much speaking as it is listening; strong teams sometimes develop a kind of shorthand or almost a code language that is shared among them, which is not only an efficient method of communication but helps the team bond together. 

Clear roles and responsibilities.

If a problem arises, people know who to turn to without too much delay or confusion. Everyone knows their responsibilities, they know who they answer to and who’s waiting on their work to be completed before the next phase begins. This, too, allows everyone to have a sense of ownership over their work and their place in the bigger picture. 

Well-understood priorities.

The most important thing for one person is the most important thing for another person on the team. There’s no question about what’s the key thing to get done today, why it matters and what comes next. Everyone understands the steps needed to finish a project and how each respective piece fits together. 

Opportunities to learn, together and individually.

People want to learn and keep their skills sharp. They want to pick up new techniques and learn how to do their jobs better and more efficiently. If a team can learn new skills together, or can be cross-trained to learn what other members of the team can do, it creates a strength and cohesion of abilities that can create a safety net of reliability. Learning also comes in the form of feedback: let someone know when a mistake has been made and show it it can be done differently, but without insults or degradation of a person’s abilities. 

Mutual respect among all members.

Treating each other as equals, as important members of the team, can go so far toward building a healthy, responsive, strong unit. Without respect, there’s very little team to speak of, only a group of people who happen to work together on projects. 

Celebrate victories and milestones together.  

The longer people work together, the more they get to know each other and understand their strengths and weaknesses. When someone overcomes a challenge, or solves a problem, take a moment to recognize and congratulate them as a group. When a big project is completed, enjoy it! Your hard work has paid off! The team that acknowledges the highs together will survive the lows together. 


By communicating, early and often, a shared sense of responsibility and ownership, the importance of mutual trust and respect, and by reminding your team that they’re all important and valuable members of the team, your group can break all kinds of barriers and be successful in any task they’re given. Start simple, work together, and great things can be accomplished. 

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