5 Workplace Wellness Trends to Watch

5 Workplace Wellness Trends to Watch

The pandemic brought many things to light that employers might not have considered before, including the importance of workplace wellness. As a result, more companies are trying to do more to help their employees live healthier, more balanced and fulfilling lives, adopting practices to help reduce stress. 

Here are five workplace wellness trends to watch for, and take advantage of, in your workplace. 

  • Financial wellness. Have you ever felt stressed about credit card balances, or getting a mortgage or personal loan, or worried about being overextended? Financial wellness is a way to approach those fears and concerns and find a way forward. Employers might offer conversations or access to information on retirement accounting, tools for debt consolidation or elimination, even information on student loan preparation and repayment for college. 
  • Stress management. This might elicit a laugh, but employers know that workers do better when they’re under less stress or they have better tools to handle it. Burnout has become something of a buzzword in the past few years, but it’s real — and employees suffering from it can be less productive, take more sick days and otherwise be unable to do their jobs. As a result, employers are looking into resiliency programs, including workshops on stress management and reduction, guided mediation and ways to address tense situations without losing your cool. 
  • Mental health programs. This goes hand-in-hand with stress management. Mental wellness is something that people have been afraid, anxious or uninterested in talking about, but that’s changing. Our mental health affects everything else and is of the utmost importance, and companies understand that supporting their employees as they go through mental health challenges and providing resources can help improve their overall health and well-being. Ask your manager whether your company has an employee assistance program to learn more about your options. 
  • Telehealth. Our schedules are so busy and so filled, it’s hard to think about regular doctors appointments. More companies are working to provide telehealth services in which people can speak with their doctor, or a qualified health professional, about symptoms or concerns via video conference, instead of having to physically go to a doctor’s office. This service became more popular during the pandemic when public health protection was in the spotlight, but the added convenience has made it a lasting tool. 
  • Generational wellness. The workforce now includes a greater number of generations than ever before. Being able to communicate and respect each other can feel like a big hill to climb. But making an effort for people to focus on what they have in common, their similarities and their shared interests instead of being limited by differences can help ease communication and break down preconceived notions. It helps build a stronger team too! 


Employers who are offering wellness resources are showing that they care about your health and well-being and want to invest in you. Take advantage of the resources available to you as needed and see how much they can improve your life! 

If your employer doesn’t offer these resources, it might be time to consider making a change. Call LeadingEdge Personnel! We have great jobs available right now and we can help you find one that’s a better fit for you as a whole person. Contact LeadingEdge today and let’s get started.

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