5 Tips For Reapplying To A Company That Rejected You 

5 Tips For Reapplying To A Company That Rejected You 

Every once in a while, you might see an open position at a company that previously turned you down. If some time has passed, and if you feel well equipped and skilled to apply for this new position, don’t shrug it off because the company passed on you before! 

There are many factors to consider that might make you even better qualified for the job now than in the past. Maybe it’s the same job and someone else moved on; maybe it’s a different job that better aligns with your skills. Either way, take this as a new opportunity to make a great impression. 

Here’s how to reapply to a company that turned you down before. 

  • Start with a new cover letter. Whatever you used before to apply for the position, whether this is a new one or the same one that’s reopened, write a new cover letter. Do your best to highlight your best qualities that align with the requirements for the job. Talk up your experience and expertise, along with your willingness to learn and your excitement to grow with the company. Treat the cover letter as if it’s going to a company that’s never heard from you before. 
  • Consider what you’ve learned in the meantime. Do you have more responsibilities in your current position now than you did when you first applied? Have you learned new skills, or earned new certifications? Have you grown from a challenge or adopted a more leadership-oriented role? All of that matters! Make sure your resume reflects these added details in order to put your best foot forward. 
  • How much time has passed? If you were just rejected by this company last week, or in the last month or so, you haven’t had the chance to make any substantial changes in your life, personally or professionally, that would make you a better quality candidate now compared to the last time you applied. It would be a wasted effort, most likely, if the rejection was very recently. If you’ve made a good first impression but someone else was slightly more qualified, odds are good that HR has your name on file and someone will reach out to you on their own if you’re a better fit for something in the short-term. But if a year or even six months has passed, consider yourself in the running and ready to reapply. 
  • Be guided by what went wrong the first time. If the company provided any insight when they turned down your first application — and not every company does — use that to inform your new application. If you were missing skills or training, but you’ve since leveled-up and now are in closer alignment with what the position demands, talk about it! Show that you’ve grown personally and professionally in the time between the last application and this one. Be sure to pepper your resume and cover letter both with pertinent key words to help your application stand out if the company is using any kind of automated tracking software designed to weed out good candidates from lesser ones. 
  • Take the time to prepare and rehearse for the interview. If you get called to come in for an interview, prepare like it’s a brand new environment. Think of new questions to ask the interviewer about the company. Have a list of your accomplishments ready in your mind, along with the best ways to link your experience to what’s needed in this position. Go through the job description again and make a note of all the ways that your current position, or previous positions, have given you useful insight and experience that make you a great candidate for this job — pull out all the stops to show how you have all the pieces needed to hit the ground running. 


Depending on the size of the company, whoever sees your name atop a resume and cover letter might remember your name. Or you might be coming in on a sea of other new applicants. If it’s a big company, it’s possible they won’t recognize you right away — and that could be helpful! It’s a fresh start all around. If no recognition is suggested during the interview process, whether you want to mention your previous application is up to you. But if you’re asked about it, be honest and have an answer ready that explains why you decided to try again. 

If you’re looking for other tips on how to successfully apply for positions, or you’re looking for a little help in finding a great new job, call LeadingEdge Personnel. We work with great companies who are looking for eager, energetic new employees and might have something available that’s just right for you! Contact LeadingEdge today and let’s get to work.

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