5 Benefits of an Effective Onboarding Process

Benefits of an effective onboarding

5 Benefits of an Effective Onboarding Process

Bringing on a new employee is an exciting time. There’s a new team member to introduce around, a new person with insight and questions that might bring new suggestions for shaking off the old routine. 

But it takes time to get someone settled in and up to speed in their new position, a process that begins with onboarding. 

Here are five key benefits of a good onboarding process: 

Faster integration into your company culture 

Being the new person is always difficult. You’re not sure where the kitchen or restrooms are, you’re not sure who to ask and you’re still finding your way around the office. Greeting a new employee with open arms, a carefully noted tour around the office and plenty of introductions is a great way to make someone feel welcome, which can help them feel prepared to not only do their new job, but to succeed in it. 

Improve employee retention 

The onboarding process might happen only with new employees, but the way someone is treated from their first day can go a long way toward instilling loyalty and a sense of belonging. A less than stellar onboarding process might have someone looking for the door after a short period of time, whereas a person who really grasps the company’s mission and her role in it could develop long term goals within the company. 

Promote better communication 

Some offices are a little more like high school than is necessary. A good onboard process will discourage that. If a new employee feels welcomed by everyone, even employees with whom they won’t work all that closely, it has a much more unifying tone than only introducing someone to their team. Add in time with the CEO or team leader and your new employee will feel valued and understood from the start! 

Speed time to productivity 

A good onboarding process can help a new employee really understand their responsibilities, their role in the company and provide them with excellent training on how everything works. If the onboard process takes its time and instructors really work with the new employee to explain their role, it can provide a much faster launch out of the gate and help them start meeting their goals sooner.

Attract better candidates the next time around 

Employees talk about their employer and their manager. If a new person feels like they’ve been treated well, like they’ve been given the time and support they need to start their new job as prepared as possible and in a position to succeed, they’ll talk about that too. Good reviews on social media and sites like LinkedIn or GlassDoor can go a long way toward attracting new, high-quality clients the next time there’s an opening, which can shorten the time it takes to bring on another new employee. 

A new employee will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed and intimidated, even if they’re very excited to join your team. Design your onboarding process with care and time to welcome the new team member with lots of enthusiasm, plenty of good instruction and training, and prepare to watch them, and your whole staff, succeed together. 

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