When to Take a Long-Term Position through a Temp Agency

When to Take a Long-Term Position through a Temp Agency

When to Take a Long-Term Position through a Temp Agency
temp agencyCompanies in nearly any industry will hire people on a temporary basis to fill specific voids. Workers might be on extended leave, which prompts the employer to create a temporary staffing position to cover those job duties. At some point, that temp position through the temp agency may become a permanent place at the company. Consider the variables involved when it’s time to make a temp to hire position permanent in any industry.

Verifiable Skills through a Temp Agency

It’s time to convert a temp job to a permanent position when the worker displays the right skill set. The best way to verify the skills is through communication with the direct employer. Supervisors, managers and other executives will honestly tell staffing agencies when a person is working out or failing to make the grade. If a worker is truly excelling at the company, the managers must weigh the benefits of keeping or losing the person. It might be too costly to lose the person if another temporary staffing position opens. An immediate hire is necessary in these situations.

Constant Work Flow

Temporary staffing positions is usually created when an unusual work flow is occurring at a company. The work isn’t expected to last so temporary help creates a productivity bridge in the meantime. However, the temporary work may turn into a constant flow. If the business sees no end to this avalanche of work, it’s time to make that temp to hire position a permanent fixture at the company. Trying to find another person after letting the temp worker go would only cost more in training and hiring costs.

Chemistry Mixes Well

A worker can’t only be a skilled employee. Their personality must mix in well with others at the company. In fact, this aspect of employment is one of the most important ones to understand. If temp and permanent workers don’t get along, the entire workforce ends up with poor productivity. Every worker should encourage everyone else to strive for perfection and meet challenges with as much brain power as possible. Great chemistry among workers will only improve a company’s morale and directly affect customers’ experiences. Make that temp worker a permanent employee when the chemistry is right.

Willing Participant

An aspect of hiring the right worker needs to include his or her willingness to participate as a permanent employee. It’s possible that temp workers are happy with their flexible hours and company choices. Companies that are excited about hiring these workers will need to appease them with attractive salary packages. In some cases, these tactics just won’t work. Hiring managers may need to sit down with the temp worker to arrange a schedule that might work for both parties.

Conversion Funds Available for Temp to Hire Position

Companies might be thrilled to have a particular temp worker hired as a permanent employee, but the funds must be available. A temp agency will often cover insurance and hiring costs that companies don’t normally see with temp workers. If the funds are available to support the new employee without hindering any budgets, hiring the temporary worker is a smart move. Regardless of the salary size, the employee’s contributions to the workplace may ultimately save the company money. A productive employee is always a welcome sight when they’re hired from a temporary position.

Staffing agencies should continue working with local, San Antonio companies on both permanent and temp positions. In many cases, these openings are only available to agencies where applicants must go through them to find the temporary staffing position. In the end, the employment sector grows with the right applicants filling the perfect spots in every industry.

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