Let a Staffing Agency Make You a Better Job Candidate.

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Let a Staffing Agency Make You a Better Job Candidate.


Let a Staffing Agency Make You a Better Job Candidate.staffing agency, job placement agencies

Although unemployment numbers are lower than ever, the employment sector in any industry is still competitive. From entry level to executive positions, applicants have a long road ahead of them when they don’t have a staffing agency backing them up. Job placement agencies can make you a better candidate for a job in several ways, allowing applicants to have some advantages when hiring time arrives.


Staffing Agency Insider Knowledge

Hiring companies advertise all the skills necessary for a position, but there are often a few that are critical and missing from the list. Job placement agencies usually work intimately with specific industries or companies, giving them an insider look at what employers are really looking for in potential employees. If a particular computer software skill is necessary, agencies can explain this fact to their temps. Applicants respond by building their skill sets to look more attractive to human resources when hiring decisions are made.

Educational Prerequisites Explained

Companies may look for individuals with basic 4-year degrees, but many employers really want a specific subject concentration. Agencies use their networking capabilities to understand which educational levels are necessary for each position. An accounting or business degree could be required for a clerking position, for example. Agencies explain these details to their temps, allowing them to pursue higher learning with the right direction in mind. Graduating with a 4-year degree in history may not harness the same job offers as a psychology concentration.

Pre-Interview Tryout

Temporary workers with reputable agencies can be better job candidates because of pre-interview practice. Most agencies narrow down their employee pool for a particular open position. They’ll perform actual interviews, providing workers with real-life experience before the final discussion with an employer. Temps have a better understanding of types of questions as a result of these extra interviews.

Coaching Included

Agencies want their temps to succeed because it reflects well on the staffing company. To encourage more temp and permanent hires, agencies usually coach their workers. They’ll offer clothing, body language and speaking advice so interviews run smoothly. Every candidate can use some help during the hiring process.

If a job applicant has never tried a staffing agency before, there is always an office nearby to try the process out. Speak to other temporary workers to understand the entire process, for instance. Job placement agencies want each worker to have steady work in fields they excel in.

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