Key Employee Benefits to Prioritize in Your Package

Key Employee Benefits to Prioritize in Your Package

You know what makes your company special and why it is a better place to work than the competition. But when a candidate reviews job openings and considers their options, they don’t have the same insider information. 

What they want to know is more than just the details of the job itself — that’s critically important, of course! — but increasingly, they want to know what they’ll get from working for your company, in addition to their paycheck, in exchange for their time. The demand for a work-life balance that benefits them and their family goes beyond just their income. 

Here are Some of the Top Benefits to Offer Job Candidates:

  • Access to health insurance. We all know it’s very expensive to have any kind of health issues in this country. It’s also expensive to try and secure health insurance independently. Offering your employees and new hires access to health insurance is a standard offer, but do your best to pay as much of each person’s premium as possible. Extend health coverage to their family as well to help reduce their financial stress while adding to their peace of mind that emergencies and routine check-ups will be covered. The more extensive your health insurance benefits are, the more attractive the position and your company will be! This will benefit your company as well, as people with health insurance actually tend to take fewer sick days because they’re better able to access routine health check-ups and have better overall health as a result. 
  • Retirement benefits. People under the age of 50 are increasingly convinced that some of our national benefits, like Social Security, will not be available to them like it has been to their parents and grandparents. As a result, they’re even more interested in working for companies that help them save for their eventual retirement, even if they’re just starting their careers. Provide information in your job description about what kind of retirement savings options your company provides: a 401k (and how much the company will contribute); a pension or retirement fund; the opportunity for profit sharing or stock options; anything that helps them set aside money for their future will be a powerful incentive. Go the extra mile and offer financial planning and literacy programs to help them make the most of their income now and in the future to help them feel more confident about their finances. 
  • Talk about PTO. Everyone needs to take breaks from time to time. We come back from vacation refreshed, our minds clear, and ready to refocus on the tasks at hand. Most companies offer some kind of paid time off, whether that’s designated allotments for sick time, vacation time, personal time, or a lump sum of hours or days a person can take for whatever purpose they need. Some companies are starting to offer unlimited PTO, with or without some qualifications; that might not be a fit for your company, but research indicates that companies that offer this policy find their employees are using it wisely and respectfully, not taking advantage of it. Offer employees the most amount of time you feel is reasonable during their first year, and make it clear in the job description when they receive additional days off. If possible, also offer floating holidays for occasions in which they might need to work on a holiday or work additional hours; it’s a nice way to thank your team for their dedication. 
  • Flexible hours. This might not work for all industries, but many companies are starting to break away from a “traditional” workday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you have the ability to allow your employees to shift their working hours based on need, interest, or family obligations, it’s a perk well worth considering! This is an easy way for your company to attract and retain people with young families who are career-driven and want to have a good work-life balance; if they can get their kids to school and still make it to their child’s play, game, or recital, they’ll know they work for an employer who values their family time as much as their work time. 
  • Educational opportunities. Employees are looking for ways to advance their careers, keeping their skills sharp and themselves relevant and employable well into the future. The world is changing so fast it can feel impossible to keep up! But you can help provide the reassurance that new hires will be able to grow and advance their career, all within your company, by offering educational opportunities and support for ongoing learning. In your job description, outline any mentoring or job shadowing programs your company has (and if you don’t, it might be time to start one!); discuss training opportunities for ongoing education and, if applicable, mention any tuition or scholarship aid your company provides for those who wish to continue their training at a college or vocational study program. 

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The most attractive companies are the ones that make a name for themselves by treating their employees as full, whole humans, not just workers. By calling out the perks available to employees at your company in your job description and setting your company apart from the rest by offering innovative, creative, and holistic benefits that care for the candidate and their families, you’ll find more candidates wanting to join your team! 

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