Filling a Temp to Hire Position with Specialty Workers

Filling a Temp to Hire Position with Specialty Workers

Filling a Temp to Hire Position with Specialty Workers
temp to hire positionTaking a chance on a new hire discovered through the classified ads used to be the only way a company could find their employees. The world has changed significantly, however, and companies are no longer tasked with the risks that are inherent to this hiring strategy. Today’s companies can work with a San Antonio employment agency that offers temporary staffing positions. These professionals aren’t entry-level workers either. Businesses in the legal and medical professions can benefit from specialty workers within the agency. It’s time to fill that temp to hire position with a highly trained individual with just a few simple steps.


Pick a Staffing Agency With Specialty Experience

Each temp to hire position is unique to its industry. Companies need the perfect applicant to fill the void, and hiring personnel want a streamlined application process when they deal with an agency. However, some agencies work exclusively with clerical workers. Businesses in niche industries require specialty employees. Fill that temporary staffing position by picking an agency with specific, industry knowledge. These agencies are usually few in number so businesses will be able to find them without sifting through a lot of choices.

Define the Temp to Hire Position

Businesses should be as detailed as possible when it comes to defining their newest temporary staffing position. A temp to hire job description should be provided to the agency for a detailed description of their needs. Applicants may need a degree or five years of experience in the field, for example. Agencies will take this information and apply it to their applicant pools. In fact, it helps the staffing professionals when many details are necessary. This information simply narrows down the applicant choices. As a result, businesses are left with the best applicants in their particular field. It may be difficult to choose between these talented individuals.

Select Several Applicants

Although the agency qualifies the applicants beforehand, companies should still select several candidates for their interview processes. This interview is the final step toward the probationary period. Candidates may look good on paper, but their personalities don’t shine through during the meeting. It may be possible to narrow down the temp to hire staffing pool even further with this on-site interview. Companies need temporary workers who can hit the ground running instead of stifling an entire office.

Explore the Worker’s Talents

When a business wants to fill a  temp-to-hire position, it’s only natural to experiment with different applicants. Agencies may send one applicant for two weeks, and then a different worker takes the position for another two-week interval. The business can choose the best candidate for the job when they see the workers in action. Their talents will differ based on experience, and office chemistry also plays a role. One applicant may simply get along better with the company’s employees compared to the other person.

Devise a Transition Plan

At some point, employers will know when a temp worker is ready for a permanent position. Companies must speak with the agency in order to properly transition the worker. There’s usually paperwork involved with payroll, insurance and other critical details. Reputable agencies are well-equipped to process these transitions so businesses don’t have to worry about time-consuming procedures. The temporary worker will be permanent in little time.

Some businesses work with several different staffing agencies in order to fill their ranks. Branching out with this strategy may actually reduce the efficacy of finding the right people, however. Once a company finds an agency that meets their needs, use their services exclusively. An individual agency will know the details of a company once they establish a business relationship with the staffing professionals. As a result, filling a temporary staffing position will take almost no time at all.

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