Employment Staffing Agencies: Pro Tips

Employment Staffing Agencies: Pro Tips

Pro Tips for Partnering with Employment Staffing Agencies

So you’re ready to enlist the help of an employment staffing agency. Where do you start? We’ll give you a quick rundown of what you need to get started with most agencies. In addition, we’ll provide you with a free Employer Pro Tip Checklist & Guide for Partnering with an Agency when you subscribe to our list!

Define Your Needs

Firstly, figure out what you’re looking for in the employment arrangement type. For instance, consider your needs in terms of schedule and compensation range. Do you want to hire someone directly and enlist a job staffing agency to help you? Are you looking to vet the candidate for a period of temp in a temp to hire? Think carefully about what’s needed for your position and company.


If your headcount is limited for any reason or the position is to assist with a project you anticipate will end, a temporary employee is a great way to go. If you are creating a new position and still working on the details of that role or you need to try a few candidates out in a position to get a better feel for what you’re seeking, temp roles offer the flexibility and opportunity to learn more as a company as well while being respectful of the candidate experience.

Temporary to Hire

On the other hand, if you intend to hire someone for this role long term, you may want to consider a temp to hire employee through your employment staffing agency. By going the temp to hire route, you will likely gain access to a larger group of candidates and you will be able to try candidates out in an arrangement similar to a probationary period – without the payroll burden upfront!

Direct Hire

If you only need help sourcing or recruiting for a position and you have the room in your budget and on your team to offer benefits, you may want to consider a direct hire employee. In other words, going the direct hire route will give you the greatest access to candidates, since some do prefer a direct hire route. As a result, you’re essentially using an agency in the same way you’d use a head hunter, so you might incur somewhat higher fees.

Do a Quick Search

Do a search and find a few placement agencies who specialize in staffing the type of role you’re looking to fill and make a list of the agencies who may be able to assist you. Keep a list of your contacts and the information they provide. Ask a few thoughtful questions that will help you compare these agencies well. For example:

  1. What is the fee structure?
  2. Who will my contact be through the process?
  3. Can you provide a proposal with pricing?
  4. Is your employment staffing agency an American Staffing Association (ASA) organization?
  5. How does your interview process work and does it include skills testing?

Information to Provide

When you reach out to an employment staffing agencies, you will need to have a few items handy in order to work through your call and get an estimate of costs for your position. Prepare the following for your call:

  • Job Description (or if you need help, make sure you let your agency know)
  • Benefits package (for temp to hire and direct hire positions)
  • Description of office culture
  • Requirements for background, skills assessments or drug screening
  • An idea of the budget your company has in place for your position

The Takeaway

In conclusion, preparing for your first call can save you valuable time and ultimately help you find the right person more quickly. Stay tuned for more tips on using employment staffing agencies as an extension of your talent acquisition team, writing quality job descriptions, and data driven recruiting.

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