Employment Services: How They Work and How You Benefit

Employment Services: How They Work and How You Benefit

  Employment Services: How They Work and How You Benefit

employment services, job placement agencyA job placement agency in San Antonio or Austin serves a unique role in the job market. They help fix any staffing issues that an employer might have and help individuals find work. There are some misconceptions and knowledge gaps out there, however. Employment services are not just for temporary workers.  They are actually suitable for many staffing situations. A business can fill their temporary staffing needs to fill short-term gaps, but can also find permanent or long-term contract staff as well. Here’s how a job placement agency works and how it can help your business.

How Do Employment Services Work For Employers?

Most people assume that a job placement agency only helps find temporary workers to fill in staffing gaps from employees going on leave, leaving completely, special projects, and other staffing crunches. However, their business is more about connecting employers with workers who are trained and qualified to handle any number of staffing issues. They can be long-term contract workers to handle a lengthy special program or project. They can be temp-to-hire workers for those times when an employer may want to try out a candidate before hiring them on full-time.  Employment services can even be geared towards finding full-time workers to take over a position permanently. There is much more to a placement agency than simply temporary workers.

Training Time

employment servicesOne of the best things about using a job placement agency is that often the worker can hit the ground running with very little training other than the usual orientation. That’s because employment services provide training to their roster of employees. That means that if your business is in a pinch, someone can come fill in without losing too much productivity. Many employees from agencies also have the certifications needed to work in your field as well.

Hiring Process

Hiring the right candidate can take a lot of time and money when you are feeling a staffing crunch. Luckily, an agency can help take that stress off by providing you with vetted and qualified candidates. That way, you don’t have to go through the process of recruiting and narrowing down the field of candidates. A job placement agency can present you with a cultivated list of potentials or even the single one they think is best suited for the position.

Other Employment Costsemployment services, job placement agency

When you hire an employee through a job placement agency, they are in fact an employee of the agency. That means that the agency handles all the extra costs like insurance, benefits, and even paying wages. All you have to concern yourself with is paying the agencies fees when the time comes.

Quality Control

When using employment services, there’s a built-in quality control process in place. If you hire someone on your own and they don’t work out, all the effort you put into recruiting and training will have been for nothing. However, with staff members from agencies, they do all that extra work for you. Then, if someone doesn’t work you, you can simply have them replaced quickly and with little additional effort.

A bustling business can use all the help it can get when it comes to recruiting and hiring. Contact LeadingEdge Personnel today to help solve your staffing crunch and keep your productivity high.

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