Employee Recognition Goes a Long Way: 4 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Employee Recognition Goes a Long Way: 4 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

It’s the simplest thing a manager can do  and maybe the most important: Thank your employees. 

Without a strong, core team working with you, deadlines are missed, projects aren’t completed, clients aren’t cared for and the overall company can be hurt by lost revenues and opportunities. Employees who don’t feel valued and appreciated are also more likely to look for a place where they’ll be treated like they matter and are important — and they are!


Here are four ways to say thanks to your employees for their hard work: 

Feed them.

Remember when you were a kid and there was a pizza party prize offered for some little contest or other? It was the greatest day! People love free food. Whether it’s coffee and pastries for breakfast, pizza or sandwiches for lunch or dinner, a dessert tray or fruit platter, give your team a little treat and some extra time to hang out together by providing some food. It still works as a motivating factor too! 

Public recognition.

Every so often, pull your team together and talk about all they’ve accomplished. Talk about recent successes or how far the group has come by working together. Call out people by name and be specific, when possible, about their individual contributions to the group. People who know their hard work is recognized and appreciated are far more likely to be happy where they are and less likely to start getting their resume in order. Reduced turnover is a win for you! 

Start a team award.

Let your employees sing each other’s praises. Whether it’s quarterly, monthly or weekly, designate an employee award or honor and let your employees vote on the person who receives it. Being recognized by your peers instills a sense of teamwork and pride in people who are receiving the attention and makes people feel valued and important. It can be serious or funny; it can even be something associated with a kind of “in” joke among the group, but make it something that the whole team can be engaged with and keep it going. 

Celebrate birthdays.

Whether it’s once a month or on each person’s actual birthday, it’s a fun little break from the routine and lets everyone have a moment in the spotlight. Who doesn’t like cake, or ice cream, or cupcakes, or cheesecake or, for the health conscious, maybe some frozen yogurt? Say a few words at the start of the little celebration and thank the birthday person for their hard work and contributions over the past year, being specific and adding detail with a little humor when possible. 


Start with these ideas and see what makes the most sense for your company. The important thing is to show appreciation and ensure that it’s abundantly clear you care for and value your employees. 

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