Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent?

Company culture

Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent?

If someone asked an executive about their company culture 25 years ago, the response might be a blank look, an irritated eye roll, or an angry answer about the importance of work ethic over “touchy-feely” concerns. 

But now, people want the company they work for to take care of them, to pay attention to their needs as people and to offer incentives and perks beyond just paychecks and health insurance.

The better a company’s culture, the more appealing it will be to the most talented and sought-after job candidates. 

It’s time to ask: Does my company’s culture do all it can to bring in the best people? 

Here are some things to consider. 

Meet and build up employees where they are.

Is your company still mandating a dress code that admonishes any employee who wants to be a little more creative or casual? It’s hard to find office environments that still hold hard and fast to prohibitions on some visible tattoos or piercings other than on the ears. It doesn’t have to be casual Friday every day, but overly conservative rules might not work for all employees, especially in more creative-oriented lines of work. 

Do your employees feel supported?

How often are training opportunities made available? Does your company offer team-building exercises or retreats? Do your employees ever get rewarded for their hard work with a fun surprise? Employees who know they’re valued and that their hard work and dedication are acknowledged, seen, and might be rewarded are happier. More importantly, they tell their friends and social networks about how great their companies are. This not only helps retention, but it can also make a company more attractive to new talent. 

Show them the bigger picture.

It doesn’t matter whether your company is 20 people or 2,000. If it’s not clear to all employees why their work is essential and how it contributes to the overall goals and visions, it’s very easy to feel disconnected, lost, and overlooked. Every so often, remind people that you’re all working toward the same goals, powered by the same mission, and they all have something to contribute. When goals are achieved, it’s also worth celebrating the shared victory together. 

Communicate honestly and consistently.

Culture is only as valuable as the paper it’s written on. If employees feel like some colleagues are held to a different standard, higher or lower, it can create friction. If questions are asked, and different answers are provided, don’t think people won’t find out — they will. Address any problems or missteps honestly, openly, and quickly before you lose control of your narrative. Share the highs and the lows to reinforce that you’re all part of the same team. 

Company culture has to make sense to everyone.

Yes, it’s common knowledge that Google offers perks to its employees that are almost impossible for every other company. Unless you’re one of that company’s offshoots, don’t worry about what Google does. Don’t worry about what Amazon offers its employees or any other company that isn’t yours. Be aware of what your direct competitors offer by way of culture, benefits, and support, but use that to inform and guide your decisions. Reinforcing culture should be a positive, beneficial experience for everyone who works at your company; it shouldn’t push people away or encourage bad behavior. The only “negative” to reinforcing culture is if it highlights bad actors who have previously fallen through the cracks. 

Ultimately, your company culture should be the icing on the cake for employees who apply to an open position. Foosball tables, free lunch, and endlessly stocked snacks do not always make for great, effective, and productive employees. 

Find the right employees

Still unsure about the role culture can play with enticing top talent? Contact LeadingEdge today. We can help you understand why culture matters, whether your company’s culture needs a little help, and, when needed, we can help you find the right employees who will embrace your culture and make it stronger. Contact LeadingEdge today, and let’s get started. 

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