3 Tips for Writing A Memorable Thank You Note After an Interview

3 Tips for Writing A Memorable Thank You Note After an Interview

It might feel and seem a little old-fashioned, but writing a thank you note after an interview can really make a big difference to your potential new boss. 

It’s a small gesture to show appreciation and respect and it also shows that you value people’s time and attention — and if you write a note and other applicants don’t do the same, it can help you win points when the decision time comes. 

Here are three tips on how to write a meaningful, memorable thank you note: 

  • Take some time to think before you write.  If you’re doing a lot of interviews, you might have several notes to write all at once and trying to recall the details of each job could be tricky. Give yourself a moment to check your calendar and remember which position it is you’re writing about; being able to reference the specifics of the position and the company can help show you were paying attention to details and are invested in your opportunity there. It’s easy to tell the difference between a personalized note and one that feels more like a form letter; taking time to collect your thoughts will make the reader feel a little more valued and respected. Pro tip: when you get out of the interview, use the Notes function on your phone to jot down a few items you’d like to include later. 
  • But don’t wait too long to write it. Once the interview is over, the clock starts ticking and some hiring managers will pay attention to how long it takes someone to send a note (if they send one at all). Ideally you would send your note the same day, within a few hours at most, so the interview is fresh in the minds of both you, the writer, and the person receiving it. Waiting too long suggests you’re not all that interested in the job, and if you’re not interested, why would they hire you? 
  • Use the note to build on your case for being hired. If you discussed any specific projects or previous work experience that appeared to be of interest to the hiring manager, now’s the chance to show off a little. When sending an emailed note, attach work samples, reports, any kind of proof that you can back up the claims you made in the interview. If you can provide any kind of supporting documentation, it’ll impress the hiring manager that you took the time to find and share these files. Or if you remember some interesting or pertinent point you wish you said during the interview, now’s the time to talk about it. 


Thank you notes sent by email are perfectly acceptable, despite what Miss Manners might suggest — these days, people are making hiring decisions quickly and sending a note through the mail while you’re still in the interview process might cost you valuable time. The important thing is to thank the person, sincerely and by name, for taking time out of their busy day to meet with you and hear your case. 

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