Your Placement Agency Helped You Find a New Job, Now What?

Your Placement Agency Helped You Find a New Job, Now What?

Your Placement Agency Helped You Find a New Job, Now What?

placement agency, temporary staffing position The tough part is over. With the help of a San Antonio placement agency, you found a temporary staffing position. With any job, whether permanent or temporary, there is always some anxiety surrounding your first day. What if you dislike it? What if your colleagues don’t like you? What if you aren’t good at it. All these questions are completely normal. Anything new is difficult until you reach a level of familiarity. Luckily for you, LeadingEdge Personnel placement agency has you covered. Here are some tips on being prepared for anything that comes your way. The more comfortable you feel on the first day, the better you’ll be ready to tackle your new challenge and the less scary it will feel.




Research, Research, Research

The more familiar you are with something the less daunting it feels. That’s why being prepared is of great importance. The more research you do before starting your temporary staffing position the more at ease you’ll feel. Always start on the company website. What’s the company’s mission and vision? How many employees are there? What kind of experience do they have? Is there any information on the company culture? What types of programs or services do they offer? Get familiar with as much as possible. You can also look up any company social media pages, or even the individuals if you want a better feel for who you’ll be working with.

Clarify Expectations with Your Bossplacement agency, temporary staffing position

The placement agency has probably provided you with a great deal of information about your new employer. However, your very first day it’s important to establish with your boss exactly what the expectations are. That way there’s no room for interpretation. Don’t be shy to ask questions either. Your new boss won’t be annoyed. In fact, it’s likely that they will appreciate that you’re showing initiative. It shows that you want to ensure that you’re doing what is being asked of you. It also makes things clear in your mind so that you can do the task at hand. You don’t have to look like you know everything. Remember, everyone is new at some point. It’s okay not to know everything right away.

Take Inventory of Your Skills

Now that your boss has clearly defined the expectations for your temporary staffing position, go through what is required of you and take inventory of your skills. Do you have all the required skills to do the job to the best of your ability? Are there any skills that need brushing up? Are there any skills you lack? Even if you have a couple of skills missing, don’t fret. Your boss hired you knowing exactly what you bring to the table. That means that they were okay with any potential gaps because they knew you’d pick up the necessary skills to do the job. Confidence is key. And if you’re confident your boss will take notice. Who knows, you may even be able to turn this temporary staffing position into a permanent one if you make yourself invaluable to the company.

Plan Ahead

The first day at any new job is stressful. Do whatever you can to minimize that. Even the little things count. Know what you’re going to wear. Plan to leave early to get there early. Make sure you know where you’re going. Is there parking? Does it cost money? If it does, make sure you know how much and that you have the proper amount ready to go. Make your lunch. All these little details may sound silly, but the more prepared you are the better you’ll feel and the less chance there is of something going wrong.

You Can Count on Your Placement Agency

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone in this. You used the services of a placement agency for a reason. Just because you now have a temporary staffing position, doesn’t mean they’re going to leave you high and dry. They’ll be there whenever you need them. Whether you’re in San Antonio or Austin, LeadingEdge Personnel will let you know everything you need to before you start your new placement.

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