Where Employers Are Looking For Job Seekers

Where Employers Are Looking For Job Seekers

So long are the days where your job search began with the Classifieds. Companies are moving in the fast lane when it comes to recruiting.

Social media has become the avenue for employment searches. Employers have taken it up a notch and are now using resources such as, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and Google+ to target potential candidates. Because social media is providing companies with a stronger and larger pool of candidates, companies are straying from print communications to create a bigger online presence.

Due to this, job seekers need to recogonize that whether or not they are looking for a particular company, that company could be looking at them. That being said, job seekers should make sure their existing accounts have an updated profile. Job seekers should maintain an account that is clean and professional.  A helpful tip is to scan your online profile to ensure there is nothing that might jeopardize any potential job opportunity.

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