Temp Agencies Provide Opportunities for Temporary Employment During the Holidays.

Temp Agencies Provide Opportunities for Temporary Employment During the Holidays.

Cooler weather and a mix of fall and holiday decorations pepper the store shelves. In business, this signifies the end of the year is near and extra sets of hands are needed to ensure everything is completed accurately and on time. In San Antonio or Austin, the number of job opportunities and potential employees is extensive. Consider a temporary agency to gain seasonal employment and earn money during the hectic holiday season.

Temp Agencies vs. Craigslist

While Craigslist may be able to help find candidates, it’s not the best source for finding the right candidates. A temp agency does the legwork by reviewing resumes, skill testing, conducting initial interviews, and from there can minimize the number of applicants by making recommendations and suggestions. Additionally, since job placement agencies have a pool of candidates to choose from who have already been skill tested and interviewed, the time invested by potential employers is limited. In other words, employers can hire candidates faster.

A Stepping Stone to Full-Time Employee

Of benefit to both potential employee and employer, job placement agencies give both sides the opportunity to get a feel for one another. During the holidays, when pressure is high, it’s a great way to observe how pressure is handled. It can also lead to a great gift in the New Year; a new job or a new employee.

Through temp agencies, candidates can improve their skills or learn new abilities with ongoing, online testing. These skills can then be applied to their array of knowledge, increasing their chances of full-time employment.

Is There a Difference Between Job Placement Agencies and Temp Agencies?

Job placement and temp agencies are often one in the same. Should temporary or seasonal help be needed there is a pool of candidates standing by. However, if an employer is looking for someone more long-term, it’s best to discuss temp to hire or direct hire options. The temp to hire option allows an employee and employer to try each other out for a short time and see if there’s a fit, whereas the direct hire option is a bit more intensive. In a replacement direct hire, the employee is immediately hired by the employer without the temp agency trial period and the employer pays to break the contract with temp or job placement agencies.