How to Start a New Career with a Job Placement Agency

How to Start a New Career with a Job Placement Agency

How to Start a New Career with a Job Placement Agency

job placement agency, direct hire staffingFor many hardworking people, they accepted a current job on the assumption that it was only temporary. They were looking for a stepping stone into another career pathway. However, several years have passed as they remain in the same position. It’s time to make a change by looking for creative pathways into your next career choice. Rely on help from a job placement agency as you actively seek a new career.

Document Your Skills

Before you look for another job in the San Antonio area, take stock of your skills. A direct hire staffing agency can only help you when you’re organized and forthright about your talents. Take a look at your resume, and update it with every skill you’ve acquired up until this point. Software expertise, marketing successes and other attributes are valuable on any resume. Employers seek out people with technological talents along with instincts that work at the human level. Create a resume that’s concise yet comprehensive about your talents.

Sit Down With a Job Placement Agency Representative

Select one direct hire staffing agency to work on your new career pathway. Try to bond with your personal agent so that he or she gets to know your personality and talents. Discuss your ultimate goals so that a plan can be drawn up. These agents will often have a clear picture of how to attain your goal. They’ll offer suggestions on training, school and possible company matches. San Antonio agencies have countless clients who need people each day for their payrolls. A proper match is possible when you’re honest about your experience during an agency interview.

Seek Out Required Trainingjob placement agency, direct hire staffing

You might have all of the necessary training to be in your current position, but you’re lacking key skills for that dream job. As you work with a job placement agency, these experts discuss information regarding necessary training. You may need a certification class or a more long-term training course. Staffing agencies often have the resources and contacts to get you into the training courses that will improve your career prospects. Your new career might be put on temporary hold, but gaining the right skills now will streamline the hiring process in the future.

Be Ready to Work

With the right skills, you may start on your dream career pathway but with a caveat. It’s possible to start at a lower position as you gain more experience in the industry. This situation is entirely normal, and it simply means that you need to work hard to show your skills. In most cases, the direct hire staffing agency chose this position because of its opportunities for advancement. Use your skills and personality to carve a position out for yourself. It may be several months before you see any traction into another position.

Consider a College Degree

One of the easiest ways to transition into another career is completing a college degree. A direct hire staffing agency can give you an idea of the degrees that are complementary to your chosen career. By enrolling in college classes, the agency can get you into the company with the agreement that you’ll complete the necessary courses. A college degree will also make you more valuable in the distant future as extensive career possibilities arise.

Flexibility is a virtue when you work with any staffing agency. Your new career might take a mixture of both temporary and permanent positions. Be patient and your chosen job placement agency can get you to the next level. A brand-new world is waiting for you when motivation and personal effort are dedicated to each workday.

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