Standing Out to Placement Agencies as an Office Professional

Standing Out to Placement Agencies as an Office Professional

Standing Out to Placement Agencies as an Office Professional
placement agencies, finding an office jobIn the past, staffing agencies were the headquarters for almost every office professional unless you were using a headhunter to find a job. From receptionists to filing clerks, office workers used agencies as perfect conduits to those popular job positions. Currently, agencies are still critical when it comes to filling those office positions, but competition is fierce. Stand out to placement agencies as an office professional by pinpointing some key details on your resume and in person.

Update the Resume for Placement Agencies

Whether an applicant is brand new or a regular participant, agencies require the most updated resumes to place people in the right positions. Ideally, update the resume after each temporary job. A position may have lasted only a few days, but there might be a few skills that can be added to the resume. All of these skills will open up new doors with each application. Finding an office job becomes very simple with several positions under an applicant’s belt. One employer with a particular need may be a perfect match for an applicant with an updated resume during the next set of interviews.

Highlight Software Proficiencies

Today’s businesses run primarily on specific software programs. Knowledge of one or more of these platforms makes the applicant more valuable. Be sure to add every software title to a resume so that placement agencies can match any needs to the worker. In many cases, companies will pay extra for an applicant who has a turnkey background in a certain software program. If these programs have any supplementary parts, add those to the growing resume list. Companies rely on precision and experience when it comes to inputting data into a complex system.

Detail the Multitasking Aspect

Describing a candidate as a “multitasker” used to be a common resume practice that didn’t necessarily hold any weight. Currently, applicants must demonstrate this skill by detailing their job duties in detail. An applicant may have performed shipping duties one day while managing to cover a showroom floor at the same time, for example. These unique situations make a candidate stand out while creating a memorable visual for any agency professional or ultimate employer. Dividing out a workday and being successful at every turn is a quality that’s not found in every person.

Accentuate Project Successes

Being humble on a resume won’t garner the attention of hiring professionals. In fact, finding an office job in today’s employment climate requires some boasting of previous successes. Accentuate a successful project in the resume by adding an additional page of visual aids. The project’s final results might be the personal success, or the computations to get it to that ultimate stage may be the applicant’s specialty. Stand out by being honest about past successes so that hiring agents see the spark in the candidate.

Management Experience is a Plus

Many office workers end up managing one or two people without really being hired for the job. Applicants should think back to when they needed to step up and lead a group on a temporary basis. These leadership situations may have had an element of management experience that’s worth a mention on the resume. Being able to lead a group is a valuable skill that’s not on every office worker’s resume. Many employers need this skill today.

Finding an office job can be simplified with the help of the best job placement agencies and their professional staff. Be honest with skill levels, and keep the agency notified of any changes as the applicant develops new talents. In time, the agency, applicant and ultimate employer will benefit from all of the dedicated skills practiced in a temporary or permanent position.

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