Secure a Temporary Staffing Position and Convert It to a Permanent Job

Secure a Temporary Staffing Position and Convert It to a Permanent Job

Secure a Temporary Staffing Position and Convert It to a Permanent Job


temporary staffing positionYou’re thrilled with a temporary staffing position that’s just been offered to you. The work is in your industry of choice. However, your eventual goal is to have a permanent position. It’s possible to change your prospects in these cases by practicing certain habits in the position. Secure a permanent job by working hard at your new temporary position.

Be Punctual

An employment habit that stands out above the rest is simply being punctual. Your employer must be confident that you’ll always be on time and ready to work each contracted day. Reliability often trumps any minor mistakes that might occur during the day.

On your first day, arrive about 15 to 20 minutes before your appointed time. Your employer has a chance to speak with you about any duties that are unfamiliar. Once the clock starts, you’re ready to go. If you’re ever late in the future, be courteous about calling in with a valid reason. Temp workers are still human beings. Companies understand that fact as long as you communicate with them.

Treat Your Temporary Staffing Position with Respect

Let’s say you’re working through a temp agency in an Austin office, but no one has to know those details. As far as your colleagues know, you’re simply a new hire. Treat your position with respect to learning all the details associated with your tasks. If you have any questions about an assignment, ask your supervisor for guidance. Performing the job with little respect for the work reflects poorly on your character. Displaying initiative and interest in your assignments shows dedication to a company. This is important because the passion for the position gets you noticed by hiring managers.

Offer Help to Colleaguestemporary staffing position

Your temporary staffing position probably isn’t an isolated job in the middle of an office environment. Working closely with your department is part of the job. As you gain more experience, offer your help to nearby colleagues. They might be overwhelmed by their duties. By extending your help, you show that you’re happy to take on new challenges and help the entire company. A permanent employee exhibits these behaviors. This will pay off at some point in the future.

Take Criticism Like a Champ

No one is perfect. Mistakes happen, especially in the first week or two at the employer’s office. When you’re corrected, take the criticism constructively to improve performance. Becoming defensive about the situation will only frustrate the employer. Your temp agency may receive a short report on this mistake, but you have a chance to rectify it. By having a positive attitude, your mistake will be quickly forgotten as daily assignments are completed successfully and timely. Employers like workers who can move with the times while adding little drama to the office workplace.

Communicate Your Professional Goal with the Employer

Many employers call on temp agencies to fill positions throughout their business lives. The workload ebbs and flows with the seasons. Your new supervisor may not realize that you have a permanent job goal. When the time is right, speak to the employer. They may be open to a probationary period as you complete you temp agency contract.

Some companies don’t have space or resources to take on a permanent hire, however. If this is the case, you can be a name that they have on a short list of possible hires in the future.

Leading Edge Personnel can help you achieve your career goals in San Antonio and Austin. Work closely with them to secure a position in the legal, accounting, clerical, medical or administrative industries. Converting a temporary staffing position into a permanent job is a challenge. Your expertise and determination can make this dream a reality.

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