temp to hire staffing

Quick solutions for your business – temp to hire staffing

When staff is needed to either replace a departed employee or carry a temporary overload, businesses able to replenish headcount efficiently can avoid customer service breaks and mitigate low employee morale. These are issues that typically surface when companies are understaffed. Whether the urgency is to maintain permanent employee capacity or temp to hire staffing, San Antonio employment services provide a quick solution.


A Good Fit

Hiring a qualified temp-to-hire is advantageous to all parties. Temporary employees bring transferable skills and manifold work experiences. Motivation is high with an understanding that a permanent position is in the offing, contingent upon their success in the role. The employer risk is low due to the agency’s screening process and, if necessary, the ease of replacements. With temp-to-hire staffing, San Antonio employment services agencies are resolute in ensuring candidates are fully vetted before they are presented to hiring managers. The job seeker’s first visit to temp to hire staffing in San Antonio includes a one-on-one interview followed by formal assessment evaluations.


Working temporarily with the prospect of full employment affords individuals the opportunity to explore new industries during career transition, to find flexibility in part-time work, or to transition into the workforce following graduation. Staffing agencies attract highly qualified candidates through their professionalism, proficiency and accessibility. The talented staff aligns prospects with employers for the ideal fit while striving to ensure a welcoming environment. Free tutorials are offered to fine-tune such skills as typing, word processing, spreadsheets and data entry. Perquisites include direct deposit, a longevity bonus for eligible long-term customers, and an employee-of-the-month contest.

Servicing Your Needs

When the Human Resources team partners with a job placement agency, management gains a dual advantage. While servicing an employer’s needs with skilled and prepossessing temps, the agency is purposeful in developing an understanding of the organization’s business and staffing needs. Armed with this knowledge, temp to hire staffing, San Antonio employment services meet the urgency to fill a direct hire vacancy.

Certified to Staff

Employment services recruit’s candidates with marketable skills, related job experience, good tenure and a positive attitude. They hold a Certified Staffing Professional credential from the American Staffing Association, an organization that promotes legal, ethical and professional practices for the staffing industry. This recognition reflects the company’s demonstrable ethical behavior and working practices in strict adherence to federal and state regulations. The agency’s expertise is filling requisitions for clerical, administrative, medical, accounting, customer service and legal office positions.

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