Office Staffing Dilemma: How Many Employees are Truly Necessary

Office Staffing Dilemma: How Many Employees are Truly Necessary

Office Staffing Dilemma: How Many Employees are Truly Necessary?

office staffingEvery business with more than just a handful of employees has a collective dilemma on a daily basis. Staffing is the key issue. Picking out the perfect number of workers for each office is a constant battle. Hiring too many people is expensive. Overworking a small workforce might impact morale and customer service. When you run a business in Austin or San Antonio, turn to professional help for your hiring needs. Solve your office staffing dilemma with the best mixture of permanent and temporary employees.

A Core Group

Start out with key members of your office. Customer service representatives, office managers, and receptionists are common titles for these employees. They greet visitors walking in the door or pick up the phones during inquiries. As a business, you cannot ignore or neglect customers visiting your facility. They immediately feel put off by the situation.

Employment staffing agencies can help you build this core group. They’re made up of mostly permanent workers. Direct hires from an agency provide staff that’s perfectly vetted for nearly any industry. A familiar face for your regular customers is critical to business success.

Data Backup and Archiving

Office staffing requirements involve more than just receptionists picking up the phone. Big businesses demand organization and structure. From customer invoicing to in-house maintenance, paperwork with critical information is always being generated. You need staff members that work solely in the background. They might have offices away from the showroom floor where they organize and archive information.

These positions may not appear to generate revenue, but they indirectly impact it. Without constant history from receipts or invoices, a business cannot run their investments very wisely. Large assets go without maintenance. Customer invoices become lost in the shuffle. Background workers are key players in a successful business.

Special Project Considerationsemployment staffing agencies

The real struggle occurs when special projects come up. These tasks might evolve over several months. Your workforce cannot cover the assignments without harming those everyday duties. Employment staffing agencies would suggest temp workers for your dilemma. These employees remain on the agency’s payroll as their talents improve your projects. They often have specialized skills that positively impact your project too.

When the project is successfully completed, your workforce drops down to its original size. Keep the temp workers in mind for future needs because you can request specific people in certain cases.

Departmental Divisions

Your business is growing by leaps and bounds. This expansion is a good sign, but it’s not without its hiccups. You now have departmental divisions. Accounting, sales, and development might be a few of the areas that are lacking employees. There’s no need to hire a dozen workers when your staffing needs are still evolving.

Work with employment staffing agencies to fill those spots. The workers can be either temporary or permanent hires. These agencies have the specialized workers who can change the pace of your development in rapid time.

Solutions with Office Staffing Professionals

Agencies understand the inner workings of offices within many industries. They know how business ebbs and flows. Allow these professionals to guide your hiring practices. In fact, it may not be necessary for a business to have a dedicated, HR department. The agency becomes an extension of your company. They partner with you daily and productivity improvements.

Every office is unique to its staffing needs. Contact a reputable agency, such as LeadingEdge Personnel, to explore your office staffing choices. Competing for customers in the San Antonio and Austin areas can be much easier with a staffing professional by your side. Keep up with challenging tasks with the right personnel every quarter. Profits soar as a result.

For more information about office staffing and how employment staffing agencies can get you the right workers at the right time for your busy season so you don’t over hire, visit

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