LeadingEdge Staff Performs Acts of Kindness

LeadingEdge Staff Performs Acts of Kindness

This year, Patty and I decided to extend the season of giving to our in-house staff. At the LeadingEdge holiday party, Patty and I announced our Acts of Kindness Program. We gave each in-house staff a 50 dollar bill in an envelope enclosed with a message: to use this $50 to make a difference in someone else’s life. The only rule was they could not keep it or use it on an immediate family member. Below are the stories that the LeadingEdge staff shared with us.

, our San Antonio Vice President, participated in adopting a family with her daughter’s school for the holidays. Maritza shared her idea with her extended family and they offered to match the donation. Her donation amounted to $250 and she was able to buy the family a microwave and most of the presents on the children’s list.

Victoria, our San Antonio Territory Manager, decided to sponsor a family for a session with a counselor at the Children’s Bereavement Center in San Antonio, an organization that helps children and teens dealing with a loss of a loved one. It amounted to $75 to do this, so her family decided to pay the difference.

Briana, our Executive Assistant, participated in Concordia Lutheran Church’s toy drive. The toy drive went to the SAPD Special Victims Crime Unit. This crisis response team transports hundreds of children each year for various reasons: abuse, neglect, etc. The toys donated help reduce the fear and anxiety that the children might experience during this time.

Mya, our San Antonio Staffing Coordinator, told her family about the program and they decided to match the donation. Her $200 donation went to the American Cancer Research Center and Foundation. Her donation will assist with cancer research, treatment, counseling, and educating future scientists in underprivileged areas.  

Tiffany, our San Antonio Recruiter, decided to match her $50 and donate to Blue Santa, an organization that not only provides underprivileged children with gifts for Christmas, but it also helps improve the relationship with law enforcement and the community.

Tiffany, our San Antonio Staffing Assistant, donated to her neighbor battling Multiple Sclerosis. Her neighbor had told her that her condition had worsened and she has been unable to work. Tiffany and her husband decided to write her an anonymous note and enclosed the $50.

Lisa, our Austin Vice President, decided to donate $150 to Family Eldercare. This program provides gifts to over 300 seniors and adults in the Travis and Williamson county areas. She is sponsoring an adult with a disability and will be providing them some goodies from their “wish list”. 

Michelle, an Austin Territory Manager, made her contribution to Austin Adopt-A-Family. With her $50 she “adopted” children of a family and bought gifts on their “wish list”. Doing this, she found out that the organization is in need of translators to assist in the delivery process and will be going along with the group this week to translate those in Spanish speaking households.

Doug, an Austin Territory Manager, donated to an Angel tree in the Austin area. With his $50 and additional contributions, he was able to purchase 8 children gifts.

Judy, our Austin Staffing Coordinator, donated to her daughter’s school’s PTA. The PTA was taking donations to help a student that had lost her father in a car accident two weeks prior. Whatever was donated the PTA would match to help the family get through this difficult time.

April, our Austin Recruiter, used her $50 to be a Secret Santa and pay off someone’s layaway balance at Toys R Us.

LeAnn, our Accounting Manager, donated her $50 and matched it to the Animal Rescue Connection in Bulverde. Prior to going into accounting, LeAnn had work in Veterinary Medicine for almost 9 years and remembered how difficult this kind of work can be.

Patty and I took 50 stuffed plush Christmas toys along with each of their $50.00 and donated to The Children’s Shelter. We dropped off the toys and donation at Southpark Mall where Kono 101 was partnering with The Children’s Shelter to raise money. Their goal was to raise $125,000 in 2 days.  

We are so happy that we could offer such a unique program to spread much joy to the Austin and San Antonio area this holiday season. We wish our clients, temporary employees, in-house staff, friends, and family a wonderful holiday season!

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