LeadingEdge Personnel is addressing the staffing industry’s 800 Pound Gorilla. The 800 pound Gorilla is The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or Health Care Law.

 I joined the American Staffing Association the Monday after the Bill was signed into Law. For the last 3 years, my mission has been to learn as much as I possibly could and become my own authority on the subject of the Affordable Care Act to protect my clients, my temporary employees and my company. At the American Staffing Association Law Conference, held in Washington D.C. two weeks ago, LeadingEdge was 1 of only 5 local staffing services representing Austin and San Antonio. This tells you that most staffing services are living with an 800 Pound Gorilla in the middle of their company, and either are not aware, or are ignoring the issue. Through the frontline knowledge of the American Staffing Association, I have been able to accomplish my mission of defeating the 800 pound Gorilla. Instead of being afraid of the most impactful piece of legislation ever placed on the staffing industry, LeadingEdge has successfully embraced this Law and is actively formulating the most sensible solution for our client companies, temporary employees and our company.

We are focused on always moving forward, believing in better and providing the highest level of service possible for our clients and temporary employees. LeadingEdge has recently made a major capital investment in the Staffing Industry’s state of the art software, Avionte. This new software was purchased to help us address the ACA and its effect on our business, creating a dedicated ability to manage the Affordable Care Act formulas in the most efficient way. Avionte establishes a new age of information management benefiting our client companies and temporary employees with web portals now available. We have shifted our benefits management to a broker who specializes in the staffing industry to help us maneuver through the complexities of this Law and protect our interests. There is power in knowledge and we want our clients and temporary employees to know we have made education our mission so that LeadingEdge can be a better resource for you.