Knowing When to Grow Your Team With a Job Placement Agency

Knowing When to Grow Your Team With a Job Placement Agency

job placement agency, office staffingYour business may be a well-oiled machine that constantly churns out profits each quarter. This scenario cannot occur without the staff supporting you at every turn. The employees keep a business running, but there may be some hiccups along the way. Hiring temporary or direct-hire workers may be necessary at some point. Determining that particular point, of when to hire requires an evaluation of your current situation. Consider the signals that tell you when company growth is expanding at a rapid pace and where a job placement agency can fit into this situation.

Stretching Your Current Employees Thin

Several employees have left your company in the past year. You’ve divided the work across the remaining departments. However, another departmental shift is about to occur. You’re not sure if the current workers can handle the new loads. Turn to a job placement agency to shore up your departments. Hiring one or two employees can relieve the stress of dozens of current workers. The results of this change are happier employees who feel ready to take on reasonable challenges. Chronic stress only leads to frustration and possible absenteeism.

Impending Project Due Dates

As a supervisor, you have several projects in mind that should be introduced to the employees in the next few months. You’re aware, however, that these projects are difficult and time-consuming. The company simply needs more office staffing to cover the work volume. Agencies offer companies the help that they need to successfully complete these projects. Temporary staffers might stay on after the projects. Alternatively, ask the agency to place them at other companies when your needs are fulfilled. Flexible hiring is part of your relationship with an agency.

Expanding Industry Surprises Executives Without a Job Placement Agency in Place

San Antonio is a vibrant city with many industries feeding the economy. As a successful business, you may have a good idea of the company’s trajectory in the next few months. However, industry surprises can leave you without the staff that you need for adequate, client support. Product releases that gain incredible momentum are an example of busy times running amok in a positive way. Support your growing business with office staffing employees. Fielding phone calls, processing invoices, and other core activities are easily completed by these temporary employees.

Vacation Time Prioritized by Staff

Offering vacation time to your permanent employees is commonplace in any company. These workers remain on the job without vacation for many months. At some point, they’ll take the time off in one- or two-week bursts. Your client and workload cannot handle a skeleton crew managing them. Consider temp workers from your local agency. They fill in during the vacation time so that the business continues to run with no interruptions to the clients’ needs.

Anticipating Long-Term Hiatusesoffice staffing, job placement agency

Maternity leave, serious injuries and other medical surprises usually take several weeks or months away from a business’s productivity. Workers take these legal leaves on a regular basis, especially if you have a large company. Anticipate hiatuses by working with an agency. They’ll send temp workers that can stay on for a longer time period than normal. The permanent worker steps in whenever they recover.


If you’ve never worked with a job placement agency before, visit the LeadingEdge Personnel website at to understand some of the basics in the industry. Your San Antonio business can thrive on a higher level with office staffing that’s turnkey. Don’t forget to fill your other departments because vetted employees simply improve productivity on every level. Keeping up with your company’s growth with an agency’s expertise is your ticket to longevity.

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