Why Job Seekers Aren't Contacting Employment Agencies

Why Job Seekers Aren't Contacting Employment Agencies

Why Job Seekers Aren’t Contacting Employment Agencies
job placement agenciesLooking up classified ads, faxing a resume over and waiting for that phone call were the steps taken by most job seekers in the past. It’s difficult to break this habit when applicants are out of work today. Job seekers have an entirely different world in front of them now as technology continues to advance forward. Everyone needs some help finding a job, and job placement agencies can be a solution. These resources aren’t being accessed very often, however. Learn why job seekers aren’t contacting employment agencies and the misconceptions that follow that mindset.

Online Posting Fits the Bill

Currently, job seekers see the Internet as their ticket to a lucrative position. They aren’t limited to one city or town. The entire world is seemingly at their fingertips. This reality, however, makes job seeking that much more difficult. Hundreds of applicants might compete for a position compared to several dozen. The benefits of job placement agencies include a personal contact for applicants. Job seekers will know if they’re in contention for a position or not. There are fewer candidates through the agency, which makes each applicant stand out to the hiring manager.

Confusion Over Fees Within Employment Agencies

Another reason why applicants aren’t contacting placement agencies is fee confusion. Some Austin residents might believe that a fee is involved for the job-seeking services. However, applicants don’t see any fees on their end. The hiring companies normally pay the fees so that their human resources departments don’t allocate time to this endeavor. The fees are minimal so that a company can concentrate on productivity instead of hiring. Job applicants simply benefit from this corporate relationship.

Lack of Resume Skillsemployment agencies

Job seekers might have reservations about placement¬†agencies¬†because of their lack of experience or education. They may believe that no positions are possible for them because their resumes are lacking in details. In reality, the opposite scenario is true. Agencies encourage any applicants to apply because resources are available in case of any resume gaps, such as limited software experience. Agencies actually help applicants with their resumes so that they’re more attractive to hiring companies. Obtaining the experience is half of the battle toward a new job.

Only Temporary Work Available

Job placement agencies are often associated with strictly temporary work. Although this concept used to be true in the past, so many more jobs are available today. Through local staffing agencies, temp-to-hire, direct-hire and other positions are often open to every candidate. Job seekers have the power to choose positions that are strictly temporary or permanent in nature. Sit down with an agent in order to carve out a career path that’s right for the individual. A dream job may be only offered through these agent relationships with employers.

Underestimating Contact Volumes

When job seekers don’t contact agencies, they may not realize the industry contacts that can be involved. Companies that rarely advertise job positions will normally use agencies to find their candidates. Job seekers want these positions because they usually have great opportunities for advancement. Applicants should try to work with an agency in order to see their reach in the industry, which can lead to lucrative positions.
Applicants may be tempted to apply with multiple, Austin employment agencies. This is not a great strategy as agents might face some confusion as a result. An applicant might be recommended by two different agencies to the same employer. This confusion may lead to no job offers as employers try to understand the multiple submissions. Ideally, pick one agent that represents an applicant with confidence. Many jobs will be open to this applicant in little time.

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