Not What You Know But Who You Know?

Not What You Know But Who You Know?

Reports from the New York Times reveal that companies are looking at in-house employees to find new ones. Even though this can sometimes minimize time and financial costs, this is detrimental to those without connections. 

As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. At LeadingEdge, we value our temporary employee referrals and even reward them! When you refer someone and they work 40 hours, you receive a $20 gift card!

As a temporary service, our job is to find you a job! We want to be there for those that are unable network on their own. We recognize that even though employee referrals are a helpful resource to recruiters, it sometimes narrows the scope of skill and talent. From a recruiters perspective, its better to have a stronger long-term pool of applicants with diverse experience than consistenly bringing in the same people.

Referrals and building relationships through networking are valuable, but at LeadingEdge they are not the end all. The bottom line is that skill and experience can often persevere and we want to help.

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