Is Social Media Really the Best Source to Find a Job?

Is Social Media Really the Best Source to Find a Job?

Finding yourself using every resource possible to land that ideal job? Running out of ideas? Well, according to the Monster Hiring Survey Infographic, 80.8% of recruiters find their candidates from current employees.

In addition to referrals, the Monster survey stated that 72.4% of recruiters use major online job boards and 51% of recruiters or employers use social media sites. These statistics demonstrate that as a job seeker it is imperative to have an online presence. Updating and staying active with your social media accounts could potentially find your new employer! For more information and statistics, visit here.

Referrals are extremely valuable to a recruiter or employer. That’s why at LeadingEdge we have our referral rewards program. When a temporary employee refers someone to us and the person referred worked at least 40 hours, we offer the temporary employee a $20 gift card! To learn more about our referral program, contact one of our staffing coordinators. To apply with us, visit here.

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