Interviewing Successfully With a Temp Employment Agency

Interviewing Successfully With a Temp Employment Agency

temp employment agencyJob seekers have strong chances at finding that dream career when they consider a temporary staffing position. Before that position is offered, however, the agency must interview several candidates. In reality, interviewing for a temp position is no different than a standard job search. Consider the proper steps toward a successful interview with a temp employment agency so that a coveted position is within reach.



Be a Temp Employment Agency Representative

Landing a job with a temp employment agency means that each hire is representing two entities. Applicants must put forth a strong effort for their personal achievements, but they’re also representing the agency as a whole. As a candidate interviews with the agency, keep this representation concept in mind. Discuss the fact that any temporary staffing position will be a collective effort that’s appreciated on every level. Applicants who’re aware of their responsibility will often stand out from other interviewees who aren’t as familiar with the concept.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Whether an applicant has been in one or 100 interviews, each meeting has a certain level of expectation on the part of both parties. Be aware of the body language in the room. Applicants shouldn’t cross their arms or stare at the ceiling. Projecting open communication with a relaxed posture is best. In contrast, pay attention to the interviewer’s body language too. If he or she appears tense after a question, try to move the conversation forward to topics that are in the applicant’s wheelhouse. Ending the interview on a positive note will always be the goal.

Research the Client

Although most applicants will interview with the agency for any temporary job positions, it’s critical to understand the ultimate client who’s involved with the new hire. Ask the agency about the client when appropriate. Research the client well before the interview so that the candidate is up-to-date with the company’s history, industry and future outlook. Knowledge about the client will make the interviewer’s job much easier while displaying that the applicant has initiative to perform extra research on his or her own. Try to find connections between the client and applicant’s skills so that the position can be rightfully filled.

Dress Appropriately

Interviewing for any position requires the right clothing for the occasion. The job may be casual, but that doesn’t dictate the interviewing attire. Men should wear a suit or dress slacks with a button-down shirt. Ideally, a blazer or other dress coat should be part of the overall look. Women have more options between pantsuits, skirts and dresses. Simply choose a conservative look that appears neat so that the interviewer and client focus on the skill sets instead of the person’s fashion sense.

Understand Communication Pathways

Working for an agency at a client’s property means that each applicant must answer to both parties in certain situations. If the applicant is sick, both parties must be contacted so that appropriate measures can be taken. Applicants cannot communicate with only one party, however. The employer requires the person’s presence while the agency pays for the work being completed. Convey this communication-pathway understanding to the interviewer, and that one detail can make a difference during a hiring choice. Playing by the rules is just as important as having the necessary skills for the job.

After an initial interview, there may be subsequent meetings for future positions. Each interview needs to be approached with as much professionalism as possible. Each temporary staffing position may have a different agent who oversees the department. Make a solid impression with every agent and client as each job presents itself to potential candidates.

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