Going it Alone to Land a Permanent Placement Position? Epic Fail!

Going it Alone to Land a Permanent Placement Position? Epic Fail!

Going it Alone to Land a Permanent Placement Position? Epic Fail!

Going it Alone to Land a Permanent Placement Position? Epic Fail!

Job Placement Service, Employment Agencies The quintessential job hunt used to entail sidewalk searches, interviews and practically instantaneous permanent position offers. Job seekers could be looking within San Antonio and Austin TX for any position, but employment opportunities could be lacking. If permanent placement is the employment goal, job seekers need to look for an alternative way to find work through temp agencies.





Permanent Placement and Today’s Employment Atmosphere

Most employers aren’t looking for a permanent employee because of costs. There are significant costs to hiring a person off the street, making job placement agencies crucial to hiring success. Employers use these companies to narrow down candidates for certain positions. Companies may not advertise these positions to the public, encouraging job seekers to use temp agencies as a connection to insider knowledge.

Show Off Those Skills

Companies appreciate temp workers because it’s literally a trial run. Employers aren’t bound to permanently hiring a person with temp workers, so it’s the candidate’s job to perform spectacularly for supervisors. Show off office or warehouse skills, for instance, so other candidates don’t look as attractive. Feeling confident about skill sets and applying them in the workplace benefits both workers and employers with a job well-done.

Decline Unwanted Positions

Job placement agencies match people to positions, but not every company has the same culture. Although skills could be matched almost perfectly, a worker might be unhappy with their position. Unhappy workers aren’t efficient, so both the employer and employee need to part ways amicably. Temp work can be scheduled for a few weeks or months. If the position isn’t a good match, the employee simply finishes out the contract and moves on to another opportunity. Employers benefit with another candidate sent from the agency, creating another chance at a perfect position and worker fit.

Consistent Benefits Through Agencies

Jumping between jobs means erratic medical coverage for workers. Temp agencies usually offer consistent coverage to keep all workers healthy. There’s no need to wait 30 or 90 days for a permanent position’s benefits to activate, for example. Agencies, companies and workers all benefit with reduced coverage costs and consistent work schedules.

Job placement agencies make it easier for companies to see personal skills when they’re advertised through agents. Allow an agency to feature certain skills to prospective employers to have almost instant interviews. There are higher chances of finding permanent placement when agencies are supporting job seekers from day one.

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