From Our Temporary Employees

From Our Temporary Employees

From Our Temporary Employees

“I just want to express my gratitude to each and everyone of the staff members at LeadingEdge Personnel. When I came to your offices for the first time, looking for a job, I was pleasantly surprised by every one’s kind attention, professionalism and warmth. Starting with the lady who welcomed me at the front desk, all the way through the one who finished the application process showed, what for me was, a genuine interest and desire to help and assist.

That right there made me feel so good. They started calling me for assignments with nice companies almost immediately after having applied with them. And every time they have an assignment for me, they invariably say: “thank you”.

LeadingEdge Personnel has been a blessing for me. So a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful attitude and effort.”
Monica, San Antonio Temporary Employee

“I signed up with LeadingEdge twice and both times the company met or exceeded my expectations. I found the job of my dreams through this agency and was hired on permanently. At the beginning of the economic downturn in Austin, I was laid off from my perfect job. They still kept me busy and gave me great long-term assignments at good pay. I’ve worked for several agencies in the past and I have to say that LeadingEdge was a pleasant surprise and I was impressed.”
From a CitySearch Review

“I’ve been with LeadingEdge one year this month. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since retiring from the Army. Patty and her personable staff have treated me like family and I appreciate their team attitude and actions. Maritza, thank you for one of the best assignments that continues to be rewarding and fun. The best company in my opinion to represent in job placement and satisfaction.”
Kim, San Antonio Temporary Employee

“LeadingEdge found me job the very first week I arrived to San Antonio, TX. They are so nice and make you feel so confident. Their staff make me feel at home every Friday.”
Alejandra, San Antonio Temporary Employee

“If you are looking for employment, part-time, or full-time. This is the place to call! They found me a great new job!!!!!!”
Candyce, Austin Temporary Employee

“Just finished my first week of work with LeadingEdge. It’s been a most pleasant experience, the staff is so helpful and NICE!!!!!! And, and I’m temping for an awesome company!!!! It’s good to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Bridgette, San Antonio Temporary Employee

“I have worked with Leading Edge for about 3 years and have loved how well they are working with me. I always like going to the office for the staff is great and friendly.”
Susan, San Antonio Temporary Employee

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