Employment Staffing Agencies vs Job Fairs.

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Employment Staffing Agencies vs Job Fairs.

Employment Staffing Agencies vs Job Fairs.

employment staffing agenciesThe city of San Antonio has numerous job fairs throughout the year where hundreds of individuals gather and show off their skills. Although this opportunity is usually perceived as a perfect way to find a job, there are downsides to job fairs. When applicants compare employment staffing agencies and job fairs, the benefits of the agency stand out. Applicants must be the judge as they look at the pitfalls of a basic job fair.


Lost in the Crowd

Job fairs attract hundreds of people to one area. Booths may be difficult to locate or even reach with nearby crowds. Most of an applicant’s day is spent standing in line as opposed to working with an employer about potential employment. When applicants work with employment staffing agencies, however, they have specific appointments with professionals. They have a chance to work with these individuals and narrow down those job options.

Critical First Impression

During a job fair, applicants will meet with a person at a booth for only a few minutes. Those critical moments must include an unforgettable first impression. If applicants are shy or distracted during that meeting, they can be quickly overlooked for a position that they’re perfectly trained to perform. In contrast, employment staffing agencies dedicate a professional to a particular job search. A first impression isn’t as important there because a relationship is forged with the agency for the long term.

Lack of Callbacks

Applicants might be looking for either permanent or temporary employment when they attend a job fair. Although their job requirements are flexible, many applicants don’t hear back from any of the booth operators. The callback process is entirely different at an agency. It’s almost guaranteed that some opportunity will arise, and the applicant will be called in for work.

Limited Opportunities

Agencies work exclusively with some of the top employers in a particular area. They have the inside scoop on jobs that range from the executive suite to entry-level positions. Both permanent and temporary employment opportunities abound too when agencies are involved. When you work the job-fair circuit, however, applicants will rarely discover positions that are higher than entry level.

Temporary employment isn’t a negative feature of any career path. In fact, temporary positions give people more skills and show off their versatility in a changing workforce. Future employers are normally pleased to hire a person with an eclectic background who will only help a business thrive.

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