How Employment Agencies Open Doors to New Careers

How Employment Agencies Open Doors to New Careers

How Employment Agencies Open Doors to New Careers
employment agenciesAlmost every adult worker has the same story regarding their career path. These professionals may have taken a job that they believed was short term, but now it’s become their only experience in the industry. It’s time to look at employment services for a different perspective of the working world. In fact, employment agencies actually open doors to new careers with a few unique features found nowhere else.

Applicants “Test Drive” Positions

For any worker, it’s difficult to break into any new field. Local staffing agencies, however, allow workers to see and try new jobs they wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to experience. If certain skills translate between industries, such as accounting or office talents, almost any industry can be explored. Applicants may not prefer that position after trying it out so employment services can always replace the worker with another applicant that fits the skill set. Because there’s no official commitment to a position past two or three weeks, workers feel comfortable trying different industries until the right one comes along.

All the Right Contacts with Employment Agencies

Finding a new career usually means that contacts are few and far between. Most job seekers need to know someone who can help them secure a permanent position. When workers deal with employment agencies, there’s an automatic set of contacts that comes with the service. These agencies have multiple contacts among the various clients in the system. As a result, one applicant has the advantage of numerous contacts at many companies. A coveted, temp to hire position can be filled by the right person when they make themselves known at the agency.

Temp or Permanent?

Applying for jobs the old-fashioned way meant that applicants had to commit to a permanent position at a desired company. However, a temporary staffing position might be a better fit when the applicant has future plans, such as returning to college or starting a family. Job placement services¬†offer both temporary and permanent positions so that applicants have a wide-variety of choices. These jobs will normally be in different industries which, creates variety for exploring applicants. An industry that’s not too well-known might be the perfect solution for one or two applicants.

Gain Valuable Experience

If applicants have a short resume, they might be overlooked by desired employers. As a solution, a temp to hire position can create many more hands-on experiences for the person. Every skill that’s learned at the temp job can be translated onto the resume. In many ways, learning skills by practicing them is more efficient than reading about them in a book. After taking on several temp jobs at the agency, an applicant’s resume might have a full paragraph of new skills. A permanent position that was out of reach before can now be attained.

How to Start

Locate an agency close to home, and apply as a job seeker. Applicants will normally interview with the agency’s staff along with submitting a resume. It might be necessary to write up several cover letters too. The agency works for both the companies and job seekers so that the perfect match can be made. Starting in a new career is as simple as walking in the front door.

Finding a temporary staffing position is simple in the Austin, TX, area when job seekers work with a reputable company. Look for employment services that have a long track record in the industry. These professionals have the connections and respect among many different businesses in the area. The sky’s the limit when a temp to hire position opens up in a brand-new industry for the worker.

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