Don’t Be SCARED of Your Interview

Interview tips

Don’t Be SCARED of Your Interview

Here are some helpful hints to help you nail it!

Every professional on the planet, in big business and small business, has faced an interview at some point in their lives. This can be very exciting to face a new career opportunity, but nerve wracking to feel like you may not make the cut, or you are up against many candidates and worry how you will stand out.

Although it is perfectly normal to have interview jitters, calming your nerves so you don’t psych yourself out to the point you jeopardize your performance is important. Being as prepared as possible will help ease your mind so that you can face your interview calmly and with confidence.

If you want to make sure you aren’t nervous about your next interview, here are some tips that can help.

Do Some Research on the Company

Feeling like you may be asked a question that you don’t have the answer for would stop anyone in their tracks. Do some homework on the company to learn their mission, structure and recent accomplishments. Having a good idea of what the company is about will help you address all the key points as to why you would be a god fit.

Beforehand, it may also be beneficial to take some notes on specific qualifications you have that fit the job description you are applying for. You know what your skills are and being able to answer confidently without hesitation can help reassure that your strengths are highlighted to the interviewer.

These things will help you anticipate any question that they could ask.

Have Everything Ready to Go

Don’t let yourself be in a panic the morning of because you didn’t prepare.  Everything from setting your outfit out, checking directions and packing your bag ahead of time will allow your morning to be a bit more manageable so you can mentally focus.

By doing so, you allow yourself to take your time the morning of and not be in panic mode.

Have A Positive Attitude

Starting your day with a positive attitude is a good way to get your mind in a healthy place to face your interview. Make sure to breathe and be calm when walking into the interview, you don’t want to throw off your interviewer with nerves and a negative attitude. Remember you got the interview for a reason, so remind yourself of your strengths.

Even though it is perfectly normal to be nervous, you are in control of how the interview goes. Applying these three helpful tips will help you nail your interview! Additionally, don’t count out your resources. Agencies like LeadingEdge Personnel have recruiting staff that are available to share their expertise and help you succeed. Contact us for more information.

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