Direct Hire Employment Agency

Direct Hire Employment Agency

Hiring Assistance from Your Human Resource Partner

LeadingEdge Personnel is your human resource partner. Though we are known for the quality of our temporary staffing, we can also serve as an employment agency, providing companies in San Antonio and Austin with fully vetted candidates for many types of jobs.

Direct hire is often a good option. If the open position requires significant in-house training or a person with unique skills, it may be the best possible option.

Employment Agency Services and Staffing Consultants

Fortunately, LeadingEdge Personnel’s clients don’t need to engage another employment agency for direct hires. The knowledge of your business and your staffing needs that we use when delivering temporary staffing helps us identify the best possible candidates for your direct hires.

Having a strong relationship with LeadingEdge Personnel has proven to be an important element in the success of many businesses in San Antonio and Austin. Well-qualified, self-motivated personnel are, after all, at the heart of every successful business.

Contact us for assistance in identifying the most qualified employees for your company.

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