Best 5 Staffing and Recruiting Podcasts To Listen To

Best 5 Staffing and Recruiting Podcasts To Listen To

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Whether it’s a true crime breakdown, a deep dive on your favorite sports team or an intellectual discussion on a topic in which you’re curious, podcasts are a great way to add to your knowledge in a short amount of time. 

The same is true for podcasts about staffing and recruiting. It’s great to be able to pop in your headphones, sit back and listen to some great advice from experts. 

Here are five of the best staffing and recruiting podcasts to add to your listening rotation, in no particular order. 


  • Recruiting Future with Matt Alder: Need advice on how to future-proof your recruitment methods? This podcast has everything you need to do to keep your practices ahead of the curve and prevent them from becoming outdated or obsolete. It’s also one of the longest-running podcasts on the topics of recruiting, recruitment marketing and HR technology, starting in January 2015, but it also provides great details on how to really love the digital shifts taking place in recruitment and HR. Listen here
  • Transform Your Workplace: Hosted by Brandon Laws, this podcast focuses on workplace culture, business practices, mental health and well-being and how to handle the stress of the recruiting process. Laws brings in expert commentary from professionals and authors who can be helpful especially for young recruiters and executives who want to get on their feet quickly. Listen here
  • Recruitment Entrepreneurs: Sponsored by Recruit CRM, it’s one of the top-rated podcasts by its target audience, including recruiters and HR experts. Hosted by Sean Mallapurkar, each episode is a relaxed conversation with idea-filled conversations and stories about recruitment and retention practices that can help recruiters around the world learn new ideas and skills. Listen here
  • Secrets of Staffing Success: Hosted by Haley Marketing Group, this podcast has a thoughtful, entertaining and engaging format that can help newer recruiters learn the tools of the trade quickly and efficiently. Led by interviews with experts in the field, each episode features candid insights by thought leaders, with special “InSights” episodes in which Haley Marketing Experts share their tips. Listen here
  • The Future of Work: This weekly podcast, hosted by Jaco Morgan, discusses all the trends, challenges and innovative approaches recruiters need to stay on top of their game. Hear best practices and advice from international leaders of companies including Walmart and Weight Watchers, because everyone has expertise to share and something to learn. Plus, episodes last from seven to 60 minutes, so there’s always something available to fill the time you have free. Listen here

There’s a whole world of expertise available for the listening, it’s just a matter of finding a podcast that works well for you!

If you’re looking for other advice, or maybe help finding a great new recruit to add to your team, contact LeadingEdge Personnel today. Our experts would be happy to help get you started on the right path! Contact LeadingEdge Personnel today and let’s get started. 

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